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Jan. 9, 2014

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

“I am just really excited to get the win and really proud of my team. I am really proud of the win, but more so I am proud of the fight that they had to come back.”

On being down 20-3
“We have been talking this whole year about coming out slow and our zone. We have to figure out a way. Our substitutions made a difference. [Raeshaun Gaffney] came in and she was guarding the ball. She put a little bit more pressure. We got into some man-to-man and just really chipped away at the lead.”
“You never know how things are going to work out. So the fact that we ended up being down 17 and had to fight for something, maybe that sets us up for what’s to come. The kids understand that you are never out of a game. You can always win a game. For whatever reason, the stars aligned the way they did. Maybe it gives us some perspective going into the upcoming games. We always have a shot.”

On Franklin’s hot hand
“I made sure that someone was getting her the ball. That’s why I used my time outs. To be able to call a play and make sure we got her the ball.”

On playing man defense in the second half
“You think you know your team and what you should be doing. The biggest thing is we are going to do what we need to do to try to win a game. They just sat down and guarded tonight and did a really good job.”

Other adjustments
“We ran a lot of the Princeton Chin-stuff to move the ball. Keeping continuity offenses where they had to just move it. I think making Virginia Tech play defense, working longer into the shot clock gave us a better opportunity. If we made them play 10-12-14 seconds of defense, we got a better look.

Senior Guard Ataira Franklin

On why no one was guarding her the last five minutes of the game
“They were guarding me. It was just great play calling by the coaches. There was nothing I really had to create for myself. Those were easy scores. Lex [Lexie Gerson] was pinpoint-on with those passes. Those were just some easy layups. I was surprised with how they were covering me. I thought the double would come. I told Kelsey [Wolfe] to be ready for the diagonal skip because I thought they would come.”

On the comeback
“I think it shows we have a fight about us. Especially doing this on the road, in this environment. It is a rivalry game. For us to be able to stay the course in that game, not get down and keep the intensity going, that was just huge for us.”

On whether she has ever posted up that much before in a game
“In high school, I was a four, because I was second tallest. I had to go into my back pocket for some post moves.”

Senior guard Kelsey Wolfe

On never having lost to Virginia Tech in her career
“It is great to keep that streak alive, especially having to come here first and getting a win on their home floor. I think that means a lot. And having been down 17 and fighting back. I am just proud of the team for just fighting back and never giving up.”

On whether she felt the momentum shifts on the floor
“I think we could definitely feel that. At the 11 minute mark, when we were still down by 10, I told them to keep fighting and just start chipping away. I think once we got within striking range, I think we stepped on the gas and really executed our offense down the stretch.”

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