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Feb. 20, 2014


Sophomore forward Evan Nolte (Milton, Ga.) is providing depth off the bench for Virginia this season. Nolte, who tallied nine points against Boston College, has played in 24 games this season.

Nolte recently sat down with to talk about his sophomore season at Virginia.

Q: In your second year on the team, what is different for you this season as a veteran compared to last year as a newcomer?
Evan Nolte: “Just having more experience means a lot. As a first year, coming out of high school, there are times where the games and venues can be a little surreal. Now, I know what to expect and how to prepare for playing at this level. This season has gone a lot better and I feel comfortable with my role on this team.”

Q: You are a player who has the size to play inside, but can also shoot from the perimeter. How do you see your role on this team?
EN: “I see my role as multi-dimensional. A lot of games I play on the wing, but there have been times this season where I have played the four. Depending on the opponent and the situation, I could play a different role, so I try to be ready for anything. I just want to help the team wherever I am needed.”

Q: Your older brother, Connor, played college basketball as well. What did you learn from watching him play at this level?
EN: “Growing up, I really looked up to him and my dad. Unfortunately, I never got to see my dad play, but I always watched my brother. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He has helped me a lot. From everything from seeing him go through the recruiting process to playing in college, I learned from him what to expect in college and how to be successful.”

Q: After a tough loss at Tennessee to end the non-conference schedule, Virginia has started 13-1 in the ACC. What did the team learn from the loss in Knoxville?
EN: “We took a lot from that game. We changed our offense a little bit and we realized we had gotten away from our defensive system that makes us successful. We went back to the basics and put some individual agendas aside. That has worked really well, and we need to keep on playing at that level as we move forward.”

Q: You have played three of the last four games on the road. What will three consecutive home games do for the team?
EN: “It will be really nice. We always love playing at home and our fans give us a great home-court advantage. We just need to take it one game at a time, focus right now on Notre Dame, and be ready for that game.”

Getting to know Evan:

Why do you wear No. 11?
EN: “I wore No. 12 in high school, but Joe [Harris] had that number. I also liked No. 10, but that is Mike Tobey’s number, so I let him have it. So I decided to take No. 11 because it was in between those two.”

Who is your favorite NBA Player?
EN: “Chandler Parsons. I like his game. He is a guy who doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. I like to watch players who are really good, but still under the radar.”

What is your favorite TV Show?
EN: “Entourage.”

Where would you like to go to play a road game?
EN: “Somewhere out west, like in California or Colorado.”

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