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Aug. 4, 2014

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IRVINE, Calif.-Ten incoming Virginia swimmers competed at the 2014 Speedo Junior National Championships at the William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Complex in Irvine, Calif., July 30-Aug. 3.

Two women, Jessie Gvozdas (Henrico, Va.) and Cece Williams (Tallahassee, Fla.), each made the A final of the 400m freestyle, placing fifth and seventh, respectively. Williams also won the B final in the 200m free to finish ninth overall and earned a 14th-place mark in the 800m free. Gvozdas made the B final in the 400 IM, placing 14th overall and finished 10th and 12th in the 1,500m free and 800m free, respectively.

Caitlin Cooper (Atlanta, Ga) and the Dynamo Swim Club placed fifth in the 4x100m free relay and sixth in the 4x200m free relay. She also finished 19th in the 50m free. Jennifer Marrkand (Westford, Mass.) qualified for the B final in the 200m butterfly and placed 10th overall.

On the men’s side, Anthony Marcantonio (Centerville, Mass.) finished fifth in the 200m IM, placed 11th in the 400 IM and 21st and 22nd in the 100m and 200m breaststroke events. Brendan Casey (Santa Monica, Calif.) touched seventh in the 1,500m free, while Henrik Pohlmann (Beavercreek, Ohio) and the Dayton Raiders earned silver in the 4x200m free relay and placed seventh in the 4x100m medley relay. He finished 19th in the 200m back.

Nicholas Magana (Scottsdale, Ariz.) qualified for the B final in the 100m free, placing 12th overall, while Luke Georgiadis and the Bolles School Sharks finished seventh in the 4x100m free relay.

Next up, several Cavaliers will compete in the 2014 Phillips 66 National Championship, to be held in Irvine, Calif., Aug. 6-10.

Virginia at the 2014 Speedo Junior National Championships
Women Event Place Time Men Event Place Time
Caitlin Cooper 50m Free 19th 26.17 Brendan Casey 400m Free 95th 4:08.12
100m Free 40th 57.35 800m Free 71st 8:36.35
100m Back 60th 1:05.51 1,500m Free 7th 15:43.99
100m Fly 99th 1:03.50 200m Back 124th 2:12.46
4x100m FR 5th 3:50.78 400m IM 45th 4:32.61
4x200m FR 6th 8:19.71 Luke Georgiadis 50m Free 106th 24.49
4x100m MR 17th 4:20.15 100m Free 41st 52.08
Jessie Gvozdas 200m Free 37th 2:04.12 400m Free 33rd 4:00.60
400m Free 5th 4:13.27 4x100m FR 7th 3:29.37
800m Free 12th 8:47.02 4x200m FR 12th 7:40.50
1,500m Free 10th 16:45.80 4x100m MR 21st 3:53.84
400m IM 14th 4:55.09 Anthony Marcantonio 100m Back 105th 1:00.06
Jennifer Marrkand 100m Back 74th 1:05.81 200m Back 32nd 2:05.44
200m Back 35th 2:18.91 100m Breast 21st 1:04.29
100m Fly 44th 1:02.71 200m Breast 22nd 2:21.19
200m Fly 10th 2:13.43 100m Fly 104th 57.14
400m IM 56th 5:01.22 200m IM 5th 2:04.15
Laine Reed 100m Free 45th 57.43 400m IM 11th 4:25.90
200m Free 35th 2:04.05 Nicholas Magana 50m Free 41st 23.81
400m Free 69th 4:24.99 100m Free 12th 51.365
200m Back 71st 2:21.33 200m Free 134th 1:57.01
100m Free 64th 57.69 100m Fly 136th 58.23
200m Free 9th 2:01.12 4x100m FR 10th 3:29.91
400m Free 7th 4:15.82 4x200m FR 29th 7:56.65
800m Free 14th 8:47.15 Henrik Pohlmann 100m Back 30th 58.01
200m Back 19th 2:03.91
100m Fly 112th 57.33
200m Fly 37th 2:03.81
200m IM 32nd 2:07.22
4x100m FR 11th 3:30.03
4x200m FR 2nd 7:31.89
4x100m MR 7th 3:49.99
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