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Danielle Colaprico

Virginia women’s soccer midfielder Danielle Colaprico will chat live Tuesday (Sept. 16) at 11:30 a.m.

The second-ranked Cavaliers conclude non-conference play Wednesday as they host Old Dominion before opening the ACC schedule Saturday by hosting Miami. UVa is 7-0-0 after winning the Virginia Nike Soccer Classic with wins over Tennessee and Hofstra. Colaprico was named tournament MVP with two goals and an assist on the weekend.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Thanks for joining us for this chat with Danielle Colaprico. Let’s get started with your questions…
martiunka (Poland): Coach Swanson said lately that you’re the most versatile player on the team but where do you like to play the most?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I enjoy playing outside left midfield the most. I have played there pretty much my whole life and feel as if that is my best position.
Barbara: What is your earliest soccer memory? What advice would you have for my daughter who is just starting her first year of youth soccer?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: In my first soccer game ever I ran off the field crying, screaming “I don’t want to play with girls”. My parents immediately switched me to a boys team and I played on that team up until high school. My advice to your daughter would to enjoy every moment throughout your soccer experience. Always remember to have fun!
Thomas: How does Klockner compare to the other ACC venues you’ve played at in your career? Talk about the boost HOO CREW gives you guys during games!
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I think Klockner is by far my favorite venue to play on it. It is always in great condition. The HOO CREW, along with all the other fans creates such an awesome atmosphere for our team to play in! We really appreciate the support that all the fans give us.
Debby (Winchester): Have enjoyed watching you play these past 4 seasons. What part of your game do you feel has improved the most since first year?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: Thank you! I think my speed of play has improved the most since my first year. It took a little time for me to adjust to the speed of play in the college game.
John (Chesterfield): Congratulations on being named MVP of the tournament last weekend. What do you think is your biggest strength on the pitch?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: Thank you! I think my biggest strength on the pitch is playing simple at times. I enjoy combining and working with my teammates on the field.
Jill (Richmond): My daughter is a huge fan of the program! Can you tell us a little more about Girls Can Club and how this experience has been meaningful for you?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I think the Girls Can Club is an awesome opportunity for the girls to come hang out with the team. I really enjoy socializing with the girls and teaching them different aspects of the game such as goal setting, teamwork, etc.
Dylan (Charlottesville): You played great this weekend, Danny! How does the team prepare when Morgan Brian is away with the National team?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: Thank you! It is definitely different without Morgan on the field with us. However, I think we prepare the same way as we normally do and just focus on how we as a team can play Virginia style of soccer.
Rob Hilliard (Clarkston, MI): Born and raised in Jersey City, spending summers down the shore in Belmar, and working at Monmouth Racetrack during my summers while going to UVA, I have a particular interest in our players from the Garden State. What attracted you to UVA? What other schools were you considering? And did you cross paths with Kristen McNabb and Brittany Ratcliffe during your days at Red Bank Catholic?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: The most important things that attracted me to UVA were the team, coaches, campus, and excellent academics. I knew Steve from Regional Camp and really enjoyed having him as a coach. I played at the same club (PDA) as Kristen did so we knew each other beforehand. Brittany’s high school team was one of our big rivals. We always played them in the State Sectional Finals.
Megan (Charlottesville): What are your pregame rituals? Who is the most superstitious player on the team?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I always listen to music before the game. I always braid my hair for games. My class and I tape our wrists before each game. We have many superstitious people on our team, it is difficult to pick just one.
Jen (Charlottesville): Why does your team write All In on their hands?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: ALL IN has been our team motto for awhile now. We all stamp ALL IN on us to remind ourselves to be together as a team when we are on the field.
Carl: Is there a specific reason that you wear #24, and have you ever worn a different number?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I have worn #24 right from the start! I think of it as my lucky number.
Pappy (Boston): How do you balance athletics and academics?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: It is important to have good time management and plan ahead. I keep a planner where I jot everything down in so that I don’t forget anything. I would definitely be lost without this!
Jeffey: What do you like to do outside of soccer?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: I enjoy hanging out with my friends and love being around people. I enjoy the beach and love to go shopping!
Debbie (new brunswick, nj): What are you looking most forward to being a 4th year at Virginia?
10313576.jpeg spacer.gif Danielle Colaprico: It is definitely a little bittersweet being a fourth year. Right now, I am honestly looking forward to working hard with my teammates to win a National Championship!
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: That is all the time we have for the chat. Danielle has to head to class. Thanks for all the great questions and we wish we could have had time to answer more. Hope to see everyone at Klöckner tomorrow night at 7pm as the team hosts Old Dominion.
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