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Wahoo Central Chat with Canaan Severin

The Wahoo Central Chat Room with UVa’s Canaan Severin

Virginia football wide receiver Canaan Severin will chat live Thursday, Oct. 2 at 3 p.m.

The Cavaliers return to ACC play on Saturday, when the Pitt Panthers come to Scott Stadium. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be televised on regional sports networks. The game will air on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome to today’s live Wahoo Central chat with WR Canaan Severin. We are going to get started.
Jenn (Alexandria): Do you have any pre-game superstitions on game day?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: I really don’t have superstitions, but I have a routine. After pre-game meal I relax in my room and watch College GameDay. I stay off my feet and reflect on the game.
Sally (Clifton Forge, Va.): What’s your major? Are you taking any cool classes right now?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: My major is sociology. Minor in politics. I am taking a dram class this semester. I am channeling my inner Denzel.
Jim (Charlottesville): What do you think has helped in the team’s ability to turn it around and start playing well consistently this year?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Starting with Day 1 of the offseason after last year ended we have worked hard in every facet of our game. Weight room, film room, for me 7-on-7 and route running. Personally I have not taken any catch opportunity for granted, practice or game.
Brian (Charlottesville): I hear you are from MA, are you a Red Sox fan?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Of course! Red Sox Nation. I love going to Fenway to catch a game. I love the Fenway Franks. Fenway Park in general is the cathedral of Boston.
Travis: Does playing under the lights Saturday night take you back to your HS playing days? Favorite HS football memory?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Playing under the lights at any level is special. From 10th through 12th grade at Worcester Academy we played on Saturday afternoons. I am very excited to get back to playing under the lights and being in that atmosphere.
Marco (Norfolk): What drives you to want to be the best wide receiver you can be?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: I have a drive to be the best in whatever I do. On the field or off the field. I wanted to do all I could to assist UVa in winning more this year. This past offseason I pushed myself to accomplish many goals, including losing weight, getting stronger, mastering the playbook and getting my routes right. I was confident if I did that, it would lead to me to be the best wide receiver I could be.
Lisa (Norfolk): What has been your favorite memory from your entire football career?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: The first game I ran out of the tunnel at Scott Stadium. Running through the smoke and hearing the cheers. It was my first college game and I got to play as a true freshman.
Joel (salem): How much does last year’s result affect your preparation/motivation for the game this week.
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: 2-10 motivates us every day.
Ginger from Roanoke: Who is your favorite music artist. The artist that gets you pumped up?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Meek Mill gets me pumped up from the beat to the lyrics.
C.P. Angel (C’vlle): Do you do anything different to prepare for a night game? Is it harder to play at night or is it pretty much the same thing?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: I feel waiting around to play is the hardest for me. I just want run out there and play. Playing day games in high school, I have not played many night games.
Jimmy (Richmond): Who is the funniest player on the team?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Eric Smith and Doni Dowling have me laughing all the time.
HooVilleFan: Canaan, who has been the biggest mentor in your life? Thanks.
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: My father has been the biggest mentor. He has guided me in the right direction my entire life. There is no doubt in my mind he would every steer me wrong. We talk on the phone every night and I give thanks for him daily.
Steve (Richmond): Do you feel more pressure as a wide receiver and as a team player now that you are an upperclassman?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Being one of the older guys, I know that the younger guys are always watching. Its my responsibility to do things the right way and follow the lead of our captains. Continue their good example.
wahooinmaryland: Great play so far this season! Just curious about your jersey #. Any significance with # 9? Go Hoos!
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: I changed to number 9 to honor my friend and student assistant Jacob Rainey. He wore 9 in high school and because of his accident while playing football that led to the amputation of his right leg, he can’t play in college. The first day of preseason this year I told him I was playing for him and wanted to wear number 9.
Reggie, Charlottesville: Hey Canaan. The WRS have been great this year. It seems like every week a different WR has a big game. What has changed from last season for the group? Also, what is it like to have Coach Hagans as your position coach? Good luck this weekend!
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: We were hungry, especially after last season. Coach Hagans pushed us all summer, all offseason. He is a very positive and influential coach. We learn a lot from him everyday. He played WR at the highest level in the NFL. He knows what it takes. As a group we are hungry, every week we do our job and try to get better.
Rick Jones (Charlottesville): Is there an emotional leader on the team this year, and if so how does that affect the team’s performance on and off the field?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: Henry Coley is our emotional leader. When he talks people listen. We respect him so much. His words are powerful. We have a great set of captains. They have been key to our success thus far.
Brandi (Washington, D.C.): What is your favorite meal on the night before the game?
10391968.jpeg spacer.gif Canaan Severin: I am a big eater. I need energy for the reps I am going to take on Saturday. I eat two 10 oz steaks, baked potato, spaghetti, salad, shrimp and plenty of water.
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Wahoo Central Moderator: That is all we have time for today. Big thank you to Canaan for stopping by Wahoo Central. We will see you all at Scott Stadium on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Because of the upcoming bye, next week we won’t have a football player for a Wahoo Central chat. Anthony Harris will join us the week of the Duke game for the next football chat at Wahoo Central.

Go Hoos!

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