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Morgan Brian

The Wahoo Central Chat Room with Morgan Brian

Virginia women’s soccer and United States Women’s National Team midfielder Morgan Brian will chat live Thursday, Nov. 13 at 2:30 p.m.

The fourth-ranked Cavaliers open NCAA Tournament play on Friday as they host High Point. Game time at Klöckner Stadium is 7 p.m.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: We are about to get started with the chat. Morgan is here and ready to start answering your questions. Keep sending them in.
Amy: What’s the most memorable goal you have ever scored? For me it was definitely the goal vs. Notre Dame last year!
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: The Notre Dame goal was the most memorable one for me, and the game itself. Hopefully you got to experience it in person.
Jerry Davis (King of Prussia, PA): What is the second thing – your teammates and coaches being the obvious frontrunner – that you will miss about UVA?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Obviously my coaches and teammates are No. 1. After that, I’ll miss Charlottesville and the Grounds.
chevyboi (Charlottesville ): What is your mindset coming into the game against high point?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Our mindset is to focus on one game at a time and to improve every time we step on the field. Also, to put together a complete 90 minute performance.
John (C’ville): Another question: UVa has a lot of star-power, but who in your opinion is the most under-rated player that we should watch for in the future?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: That is a good question. I would say Emily Sonnett. Even though she is known as one of the best defenders in the nation, I don’t think she gets enough credit for our success.
Agnieszka Kowalska (Poland): Deep-lying playmaker vs. attacking midfielder. Which role do you prefer?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Of course, attacking midfielder. I think there are positives to both positions, but I feel that at attacking mid that I have more freedom to be creative.
Brett (Charlottesville): We all know how well you play soccer…what sport are you not good at?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Tennis. I hit the ball like a softball and it never goes in the court.
Casey (Charlottesville): What has been your favorite class at UVA so far?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: My favorite class has been anatomy and physiology. It was a lot of studying, but I enjoying learning the information.
Dick (Lexington): What is your opinion of playing on natural grass as opposed to artificial turf? Do you think the quality of play suffers on plastic pitch?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Look up the latest Soccer Girl Problems video on Twitter. That is exactly how I feel.
Megan (Bridesmaid): What is your ALL TIME favorite movie???
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I would say Pitch Perfect or Burlesque.
Agnieszka Kowalska (Poland): Do you have a special routine or superstition before you play a biggame?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I always shower before a game. That is basically it.
Jenny (Richmond): If you could pick another sport to play in college, what would it be?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Basketball. I wanted to try out. I was point guard in high school.
Nikki (Richmond): What does the team talk about when huddling on your knees before kick-off?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: It is one final chance to highlight what our keys are to the game.
Tim (Charlottesville): What country would you really like to visit and play soccer?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I would say Brazil or Australia. I haven’t been to either of those places before.
Betthany (Cville): What do you imagine yourself doing in 20 years after soccer?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: After soccer, I want to attend PA school.
John (Charlottesville): What is your favorite pre-game meal?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Banana pancakes.
Jackie (Virginia Beach): We love your social media engagement, what is your favorite form of social media?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Instagram. I love looking at people’s pictures and posting my own.
Jessica Burton: Who has the best hair on the team?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Emily Sonnett.
Peyton age 9, Williamsburg VA: At what age did you know you were destined to play college soccer?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I was in middle school when I knew I wanted to compete at any level in college.
Blair: How has your faith impacted your soccer career?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I have always put my faith first and believe that God has a plan for my life. I believe that I have been given the gift of playing soccer for a reason.
Emma Leigh Ponnett: I don’t believe Emily Sonnett has the best hair on the team because I have heard that she is actually losing her hair. Any thoughts?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: I wasn’t aware she was losing hair. It must be from all the studying she does.
Kara (Charlottesville): What has the Girls Can Club meant to you?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: It is a great avenue for young girls to be mentored by not only a great group of people, but also ones that they look up to as soccer players. I have enjoyed working with the girls and seeing the impact we can have on them.
Larry (Charlottesville): What does All In mean to you?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: All In, to me, is the backbone of our team and program. It is embracing your role on the team and doing it to the best of your ability. It is a reminder that the team’s best interests always come first.
Jordan (Williamsburg): How do you find time to keep your family in the loop with all your traveling? Have you ever gone on a soccer trip somewhere without them realizing?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: We have a family group text that we talk in every day. With all the traveling , the days sometimes run together, but my family always knows where I am headed next.
Jessie F (Cville): What actor would you want to sit down and have dinner with for 4 hours and why?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: Jennifer Lawrence because she resembles you.
Robert (Charlottesville): Who is your favorite teammate on the national team?
10523636.jpeg spacer.gif Morgan Brian: It is hard to pick just one. There are some that I have played with on the youth national teams and ones I have recently just met. I look up to Lauren Holliday the most because she has helped me a lot with the transition into the team.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Thanks for all the questions. That is all the time we have. Make sure you come out to Klöckner Friday night at 7pm for the first round NCAA game vs. High Point.
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