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Nov. 23, 2014

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On the win:
“We’re excited to get a win over a very quality opponent in Auburn. The girls are playing really good basketball right now. It’s been a great start to the season.”

On the defensive effort:
“I thought the team did a good job trapping and digging on #44 [Tra’cee Tanner]. The whole team executed the game plan well defensively. Sarah [Imovbioh] did a great job of doing her work early and not allowing any easy touches. She was dialed in. It was definitely her best defensive performance for us.”

On balanced scoring:
“Your goal as a coach is to get that kind of scoring and share the basketball. We’re just so much harder to guard and defend and scout if we have multiple people who can step up and score for us. I love that about our team right now. There’s always room for improvement, especially on the defensive end, but we looked good tonight.”

On the 4-0 start to the season:
“I like the togetherness, the unity, and the foundation we’ve built. Nobody is looking for glory. Our work ethic, extra effort, and confidence is helping us pull games out. Everyone knows her role.”

On Breyana Mason:
“We have to tell her to be more aggressive. When she gets what she does, why hold that back? We want her to be more vocal and more aggressive. She’s so physical. It’s hard to stop her and knock her off the ball. She can finish well and she’s a good free throw shooter. It’s been fun to watch her.”

On pack-line defense:
“I’ll be honest. We’re more of a morphed version of the pack-line. We’re not completely there. We sometimes get beat off the dribble and that’s the first thing you have to prevent in the pack-line. We just have to keep dribbling and dribbling to get better at it.”

Junior Guard Faith Randolph

On how she guarded Auburn’s Brandy Montgomery:
“I had to make sure I wasn’t off her too much because she has a quick release. I locked up more on her towards the end of the game.”

On how Sarah Imovbioh performed:
“She’s a bully on the boards. A lot of the opposing teams will get out of her way when she goes for rebounds and we love that. We like to get her the ball when she posts up because we know she’ll finish it.”

On how the team has played thus far this season:
“I think we’re taking initiative on defense and making extra passes on offense.”

Senior Center Sarah Imovbioh

On the confidence she has:
“I’m just having fun. I love playing with my sisters out there. I’m not scared. I know how hard we worked in the summer and know we deserve what we’re getting right now. We’re confident in ourselves and our coaches.”

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