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Nov. 24, 2014

In the coming weeks, we will highlight members of the recruiting class who have signed NLI’s to join Virginia is 2015.

Nikki Freeman is a three-time First Team All-Ches-Mont and two-time All-Area midfielder from Downington, Pa. Freeman helped lead her Downingtown West High School squad to a Ches-Mont National Division Championship this season.

Freeman played center midfield for the WCE Eagles, including going on an undefeated tour of New Zealand in 2014 with the team and winning the U19 National Club Championship in 2014 and the U16 and U19 Championships in 2013.

Freeman also played defense from 2011-12 with the USA National Indoor Team.

Freeman has played field hockey with fellow incoming-recruit Izzy McDonough since the fifth grade and both have played together on the same club team since the age of 11.

Nikki Freeman will thrive in UVa’s dynamic attacking system,” said Virginia head coach Michele Madison. “She is a standout midfielder who can run the field. If you take your eyes off the midfield, you will lose Nikki. She plays two plays ahead of everybody else on the field. She is at the beginning of a great passing sequence and will appear somewhere again in that sequence, maybe even taking the rebound off the goalies pads. She has great vision which promotes her efficient and intelligent game.”

“I will never forget Nikki’s response when I officially offered her the opportunity to come play for us. She said `Virginia seems too good to be true.’ Her parents, who were sitting right next to her at the time, laughed and said `That’s because it is.’

“Richard Kentwell, the coach of the WCE Eagles told me `You have another winner with Nikki.’ I feel very confident that he is right about that.”

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