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Feb. 12, 2015

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening statement:
“Duke is a great team. They have a lot of size. I am kind of disappointed. I thought we were quite tentative and that led to being really casual with the ball. Tonight, we got pounded on the boards and that was pretty much the story of the game.”

On turnovers and rebounds:
“It is two of the main categories. You look at points off of turnovers and second chance points, and that is more than half of their points. We knew they were a good rebounding team. We didn’t feel like we could paly a lot of man to man on them because of their size, and they found tons of gaps in our zones to crash the boards. They pressed us, and we were just really casual with the ball and that in itself hurt us with 22 turnovers.”

On Virginia’s low scoring:
“There was a lack of effort. We start out games and come out of the gate missing easy baskets. If there is one thing we could correct that is under our control it is just making layups and two-foot jumpers, easy baskets. We miss so many and it always puts us in the deficit. We find ourselves trying to climb out of that. That just needs to change. We need to raise the bar when it comes to the simple things.”

On trying to be an inside-outside team:
“I think what ended up happening was the guards were so focused on it they weren’t ready to shoot the ball. They were tentative early. Usually, our guards will get the ball and shoot, and we want that confidence for them, but I thought they got so focused on getting the ball inside that they weren’t confident to shoot. You can not second guess yourself, especially against a team of this size.”

On playing competitive teams:
“Other than tonight, we’ve been competing with those teams for 25-30 minutes. Obviously there is a deficit there. Tonight, we were not in the game. Obviously, against Louisville and Notre Dame, and some other games, we have been. There is a discipline about us that we need to find and a toughness about us. I know we are undersized but we could be a tougher team.

About the history of success with Florida State:
“They are a very different team. They go ten deep. In the past they have been a two-three team, but they are a man-to-man team now. They are plus 20 on the board so if you look at the rebounding factor we have a challenge. They are a great rebounding team and very physical.”

Senior Center Sarah Imovbioh

On Duke’s size:
“It was tough, but I felt that we were not aggressive enough on the boards. We didn’t put a body on the post player. They are really tall and we were trying to out jump people, but that wasn’t working for us. My teammates and I just didn’t have effort.”

On Duke’s buzzer beater at the end of the first half:
“It was really deflating. You don’t want that. That gives them momentum going into the second half. We talked in the locker room about coming out more aggressive, but I felt like we didn’t succeed at that.”

On upcoming game against Florida State:
“We have to come out aggressive and throw out the first punch. The first five minutes of the first half needs to have intensity. We cannot come out sluggish, we have to take care of the ball, and box out. Florida State is very active and they are very good at offensive rebounding, so we have no choice but to put a body on them.”

On Sarah making significantly less shots in the second half compared to the first:
“I felt like the defense shifted more to my side. When I had the ball people would pack in the inside. I didn’t find any open ends in the free throw line like I did in the first half, so I think that is why I didn’t get as many touches in the second half.”

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