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March 1, 2015

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening statement:

“I am so excited for the girls. That was just a great team win and we have been really knocking on the door with some big teams, and it’s really nice on senior night at home to come out with a W against such a great team.”

On whether or not this was Imovbioh’s best game:
“It’s up there. It brought back memories of the Georgia Tech game from last year. She was rebounding, being the machine that she is. I’m just so proud of her. She had a tough time at the free-throw line last game and she came back so strong today and just didn’t let anything affect her. She really went in and had a phenomenal game.”

On the team’s free-throw shooting:
“We have had our ups and downs with the free-throws, but they were just on point with everything. They knew how important this game was and I felt like every time Sarah [Imovbioh] walked up she just looked really confident, as did everybody else. We just had some momentum in this game and there was a great energy about it. Then any time we had a great energy, the crowd got behind us and I think it always helps.
“You just never know. They were substituting so many people in there and going back and forth. We just had to stay the course and have our game plan, and we were trying to attack the rim as much as we could and get to the free-throw line, I thought the girls did a really good job with that. Louisville will get up in you and you have to make them pay for it. I thought we did a good job of trying to ride them out a little bit and get to the free-throw line.”

On her confidence going into the ACC Tournament:
“This is awesome. You hate to see the players saying, `We’re doing everything right coach, but its not showing.’ It’s going to come. It’s going to come. They actually said what they needed to say in the locker room after the North Carolina game, which was, `Don’t quit. We are almost there. It’s going to happen for us.’ They didn’t quit on each other and they came out today and put that same effort forward and here we come off with a big win.”

On the team’s ability to control Sara Hammond:
“We did such a better job defensively. Our ball screen defense and our help side defense was so much better in this game and the girls did a great job focusing the last two days on what we needed to do. I didn’t know if Jeff [Louisville head coach Jeff Walz] was going to run different stuff or the same. He came in and I thought we were able to get some slips on them as well. I thought our on-ball defense, our transition defense, and our help-side defense was just on point tonight.”

On how far they think they will get in the ACC Tournament:
“When you get to tournament play, you throw all the records out the window. People show up and that’s what’s great about tournaments – the underdogs have a chance to do what they do. We’re that team that’s a little hot right now and we hopefully can keep it that way. We have some momentum and if we stay healthy and practice well, we’ll see what we can do.”

Center Sarah Imovbioh

On checking in with three fouls:
“Coach told me to be careful with the fouls and I felt like the refs actually let us play physically today and that was to my advantage. I was just more careful knowing that I had to be on the floor.”

On getting to 1,000 career points:
“It was big. I didn’t even know that coming into this game, so I was actually surprised when people started giving me high fives. I was like, `what’s going on?’ and then I looked up. It was really good, when you’re having a good game and then you get that accomplishment. I was just really excited and I’m thankful for my teammates for putting me in positions to actually get those points.”

On if she felt in the zone like last year’s Georgia Tech game:
“Yeah, definitely. The Georgia Tech game, it was you had to win to advance. In today’s game, we had to win to put ourselves in a better position to get our momentum in the ACC Tournament because we are trying to make our run. So, that was my mentality going into this game. I told my teammates, `Whatever you do, be on point,’ and I felt like they came to play tonight.

On diving to the sideline to save the ball and possession:
“You just have to take one for the team. That was a really big possession and I knew that we didn’t need a turnover in that point in the game. So I just had to get that ball and I just went for it.”

Guard Faith Randolph

On getting this win after some painful losses:
“It feels good. We’ve just been fighting this whole season. We just wanted to get that good win and I felt like we got that today. It was a team effort for forty minutes. I thought we played for forty minutes, from the beginning to the end. It was a great win for us.”

On her mentality recovering from the North Carolina Game:
“We just said that we had to keep fighting. The season’s not over yet. We were going to beat UNC at their place on their senior night. We had that confidence in ourselves and we’re going to take that into the ACC Tournament.”

On Imovbioh’s play:
“She was rolling. When she was getting rebounds, I wouldn’t even want to be near her. She had a great game.”

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