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April 8, 2015

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Sophomore Marie Faure remains unbeaten in dual matches this season, posting a perfect 7-0 record. Faure hails from Toulouse, France, and recently spoke with about her transition to life in the United States, college tennis, and this year’s team.

How was your transition to living and playing in the United States?
Marie Faure: “It was not too difficult tennis wise, because it’s the same game. But the culture is very different in the US than in France. It was my dream for a long time to play college tennis, so I was very excited to make it happen.”

How did you get recruited from France to the United States?
MF: “It is very popular for French tennis players to leave Europe and play in the US. I knew people who had played here before and spoke with them. I then worked with a placement advisor that helped me find schools and organize official visits in the US. During my visit to UVa, my Dad told me that this would be the best decision to come here.”

What was your training like in France?
MF: “I attended a high school with other athletes in my class. I would practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the afternoons for three or four hours, and Tuesday/Thursday mornings for the same time. I would then have class in between the practices. It was very similar to my schedule at UVa.”

What are you studying at UVa and how do you balance academics and athletics?
MF: “I am planning on majoring in Mathematics. It’s not easy, but I really like math and enjoy the classes. I try to be efficient with my time. I do my work when I am able to and go to bed early to wake up for practice.”

What are some things you have had to adjust to when you came to UVa?
MF: “Athletically, I am focusing on being more positive. I have a hard time staying positive and am very hard on myself. I can become very frustrated and then lose games because I am mad. In school, there are so many readings. We don’t have so many readings assigned in France. It was a big adjustment coming here.”

How would you evaluate your play this year compared to last seaon?
MF: “During the season we don’t have time to heal and rest. We have matches every weekend and we need to practice. Last year I started out playing well, then I got injured and my level of play went down. This year I did the opposite; I started with an injury and now I am feeling much better and am moving well on the court with good energy”

What is special about this year’s team?
MF: “We have a better overall environment this year than last year. We all know each other even more. We are all really close this year.”

What are the team’s goals?
MF: “Our goal is to win the ACC Tournament and be ranked a top three team in the US. We would also like to win the NCAA Tournament, and we will all try very hard to do that.”

If you could win one Grand Slam, which one would you choose?
MF: “Wimbledon. I love Roland Garros, because it’s in my country. But Wimbledon is just so classy.”

Who is your favorite professional player?
MF: “Federer. I am a huge Roger Federer fan. I could get a tattoo.”

Did you have any role models as a junior player?
MF: “My mom was great at tennis, she was ranked in the top 100 in the world. She never taught me how to play, but my whole family plays. It is our family thing; my brother, sister and Dad all play. My sister plays at West Florida University in Pensacola, Fla. It is Division II, but she plays in the number one position for them.”

Is it true that you’re the funniest girl on the team?
MF: “I would say that Skylar Morton is the funniest, not me. She is hysterical.”

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