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Sept. 14, 2015

Blue Singles Draw | Orange Singles Draw
Blue Doubles Draw | Orange Doubles Draw

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – The Virginia men’s tennis team will host one of the top tournaments in the country, the 10th Annual UVa Ranked 1+1 Invitational Friday-Sunday (Sept. 18-20) at the Snyder Tennis Center.

Admission is free.

The field will made up of ITA-ranked players with some of the top talent in the nation playing in this fall tournament including student-athletes from Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University, Miami, North Florida, Penn State, Kentucky, ETSU, and VCU. Virginia will have seven athletes competing in the tournament.

The tournament consists of two 16-player singles draws, the orange bracket and the blue bracket, and two eight-team doubles draw. All matches at the tournament will be played with no-ad scoring, with doubles consisting of an eight-game pro set and singles played in a best-of-three sets format. Friday’s play begins at 10 a.m. and will feature two rounds of doubles, followed by one round of singles. Saturday’s action starts at 10 a.m. with the final round of doubles, followed by two rounds of singles. The final round of singles will be on Sunday, beginning at 10 a.m.

The draws for the tournament will be announced on Thursday (Sept. 17) afternoon.

Keep checking for more information as it is announced.

10th Annual UVa Ranked 1+1 Singles Tournament Ranked Participants and Seeding

School Player’s Name ITA Singles Ranking Seeding
Virginia Thai-Son Kwiatkowski 8 1 – Blue
Virginia Tech Amerigo Contini 43 2 – Blue
Miami Piotr Lomacki 45 3 – Blue
Virginia Tech Joao Monteiro 70 4 – Blue
Virginia Tech Andreas Bjerrehus 28 1 – Orange
Kentucky Beck Pennington 39 2 – Orange
North Florida Jack Findel Hawkins 59 3 – Orange
Wake Forest Jonathan Ho 72 4 – Orange
Eastern Tennessee State David Biosca 88
Kentucky William Bushamuka 90
Virginia Alexander Ritschard 115
Virginia J.C. Aragone 123
Virginia Mac Styslinger 125

Addtional unranked players competing: Aws Laaribi (Penn State), Skander Mansouri (Wake Forest), Keivon Tabrizi (Wake Forest), Christian Seraphim (Wake Forest), Jai Corbett (Virginia Tech), Aaron Gomez (Virginia Tech), Trey Yates (Kentucky), Austin Hussey (Kentucky), Yannick Zuern (North Florida), Alberto De Meo (North Florida), Julian Bradley (North Florida), Christian Langmo (Miami), Max Andrews (Miami), Jonathan Cornish (Virginia), Harrison Richmond (Virginia), Henrik Wiersholm (Virginia), Rogerio Ribeiro (Eastern Tennessee State), Matt Berry (Penn State), Catalin Fifea (VCU).

10th Annual UVa Ranked 1+1 Doubles Tournament Ranked Participants and Seeding

School Doubles Team ITA Ranking Seeding
Wake Forest Christian Seraphim/Skander Mansouri 5 1
Virginia Mac Styslinger/Thai-Son Kwiatkowski 13 2
Miami Piotr Lomaki/Max Andrews 48 3
Virginia Tech Andrea Bjerrehus/Jai Corbett 49 4
North Florida Jack Findel-Hawkins/Yannick Zeurn 50

Additional unranked doubles teams:
William Bushamuka/Beck Pennington (Kentucky), Austin Hussey/Trey Yates (Kentucky), Keivon Tabrizi/Jonathan Ho (Wake Forest), Joao Monteiro/Amerigo Contini (Virginia Tech), Aaron Gomez/Christian Langmo (Virginia Tech/Miami), Henrik Wiersholm/J.C.Aragone (Virginia), Harrison Richmond/Jonathan Cornish (Virginia), Alberto De Meo/Julian Bradley (North Florida), Aws Laaribi/Matt Berry (Penn State), David Biosca/Rogerio Ribeiro (ETSU), Catalin Fifiea/Louis Ishizaka (VCU).

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