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Dec. 5, 2015

Recap | Final Stats

Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“It just feels good to get back on track and get a win at home. We were able to play multiple people and work on some things today that we hadn’t been able to do. Overall it was a good win for us.”

On message at halftime:
“We needed to work on rebounding. We were only +1 on the boards after the first half. NJIT’s shooter, Kelly Guarino, we knew she was a shooter and she got loose a couple of times. We were trying to press but I don’t think we did a good job taking care of her so we tried to do a better job in the second half.”

On rebounding being an ongoing emphasis:
“We just have to keep emphasizing it because it is huge for us. Not only on the defensive end, only allowing one shot, but also on the offensive end to give ourselves second chance points. We have talked about it, we cannot be a one shot and done team. That is going to be something we emphasize every single game.”

On Aliyah being a spark off the bench:
“I think it is we just have to keep getting her reps and into the game. The press helps us, which helps her. Changing up and playing a little bit more zone at times will help. Anytime you have someone that comes off the bench that can provide a spark, it takes the pressure off the starters to have to be the only people scoring the basketball. It gives us a nice rotation at the guard spot.”

On large number of assists tonight:
“Its huge. The thing we talk about with rebounding, the having a lot of assists, sharing the basketball, all of those things make us a better team. It is not something we can just pick and choose. We have to do it every game. We, as coaches, have to be of the mindset of checking if that is happening every game. That will be something we continue to emphasize, and they know that too. We were taking good shots we just weren’t hitting them. I felt like they started to relax and started to hit those jump shots like we normally do.”

Sophomore Guard Aliyah Huland El
On run in the second half:
“I think it started on our press. We really upped the tempo and whenever we do well on the press it raises the camaraderie, and when that is working we get good shots.”

On finding consistency as playing time increases:
“Scoring is not my main priority, winning is. I think that is why I was playing at a different level. We got used to getting beat and I think that lowered our ante but we really raised it in the last couple of practices and raised it today. I think it is really important that we keep sharing the ball, playing good defense and getting these wins.”

Sophomore Forward Lauren Moses
On things needed to improve on in second half:
“I think we definitely rebounded a lot better in the second half. Coming off of those losses, we knew that was one thing we were lacking and we had gotten away from so coming into this game we said we were going to do everything aggressively. We wanted to go to the board aggressively and make sure the other person doesn’t get the ball. I think, for the posts, that is what we really worked on during the days off.”

On frustrations in the first half:
“I think when plays broke down we didn’t know what to do so we started thinking just get it to someone so they can shoot. We just weren’t as aggressive and turned the ball over because we were being lackadaisical.”

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