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Jan. 3, 2016

Recap | Final Stats

Joanne Boyle Quotes
Opening Statement:
“I’m excited about the win and really proud of the team and the effort they gave tonight. They know some things are on the line and we’ve been searching for a signature win and this is definitely one of those. We’ll continue to fight for everything we can this year.”

On the start of ACC play:
“We talk about the conference schedule being a new start to the season. During non-conference, we were tested by some great teams and that will prepare us going forward. This team, especially the upper classmen, knows Miami and knows their strengths and weaknesses. They’ve been a great team all year so we knew what we needed to do to beat them, and the girls put themselves in great position for that. We played unbelievable defense in the first half and got some easy baskets for ourselves. It was sloppy in the first quarter, but once we cleaned that up, I think we had an edge.”

On the rough first quarter:
“I think they were nervous. We walked into the huddle before the tip and I made everyone give the others a hug. We needed to take our nervous energy and get rid of it. You could see it on them. I think it was the jitters early and we were trying to do too much. Once they got winded and comfortable, they just played their game. We turned it over but never stopped playing through our mistakes. I thought once we settled in, we were able to do what we needed to do.”

On Faith Randolph’s play:
“She makes it sound easier than it is. She’s leading us in assists after having to be our main scorer last year. She’s done an unbelievable job of finding balance in her game, which has made us better. Her giving up points here and there has made us better. I think that’s really just her high basketball IQ and unselfish play, realizing that and really buying into what we were saying over the summer and offseason. She’s done a great job.”

On UVA’s next game vs. Notre Dame:
“We’ve already started watching film on them, but they’re, again, the No. 3 team in the country. Brianna Turner is back and she really leads them. She’s surrounded by four great guards. They’re really a system team. Muffet (McGraw) does a great job over there. It’s not any different than any other Notre Dame team we’ve seen. Again, you play defense, rebound, share the basketball offensively and do all the little things and you always have a chance in the game.”

Senior Guard Faith Randolph
On the ACC opener:
“With Miami being ranked 20th, it was a great opportunity for us. Especially with the game opening ACC play, it sets a tone for the rest of the conference schedule.”

On UVA’s Defense:
“It was mostly our rotations. The effort was there all night. It seemed like someone got beat and someone was there to help, then someone was there to help her. It was just help the helper all day.”

On her recent propensity for assists:
“Its really just our guard play. Our guards have been so strong. With JB (J’Kyra Brown) and Aliyah (Huland El) hitting their shots, I don’t have to do much. We work well together and we just have to keep it up.”

Junior Guard Breyana Mason
On UVA’s great second quarter:
“It really started on defense. We played well defensively – getting shot clock violations and getting steals. Those led to easy offensive opportunities and it seemed like for a while there we couldn’t miss. It was fun for me to watch it. It is great to have that intensity and have players come off the bench and raise the level of play.”

On UVA’s extending the lead after halftime:
“We talked in the locker room about not letting up and keeping our foot on the gas. We knew we had to stay consistent and play hard for all 40 minutes, so I think it was great for us to get those early points and be able to continue from there.”

On Faith Randolph:
“When she’s playing like this, it makes us really hard to guard. It’s been great to watch her growth from the time that I’ve been here. She’s taken what the coaches have given her and has learned that she doesn’t always have to press. When she’s going its good for us, but she also knows that with the attention she demands, she can open up plays for other people.”

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