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Jan. 10, 2016

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On Mikayla and Breyana stepping up:
“It is always a battle when we come down here. We didn’t play our best basketball, but coming down the stretch in the last four minutes Mikayla (Venson) was just trying to get us any basket she could and Breyana (Mason) settled down and really attacked the rim and was poised at the free throw line. I thought we rebounded at the very end the way we needed to and we defended well down the stretch.”

On finding a way to get the win:
“We couldn’t score, but again it went back to the other end of the floor. I thought at really crucial possessions we defended well. Those last couple of possessions Mikayla took over and got to the free throw line. Then Bre being poised at the free throw line, that made a huge a difference.”

On first half:
“I don’t know what it was for them, but for us, you know what Faith (Randolph) brings to the table and we got hurt defensively and got in a lot of foul trouble. We had no rhythm. We were just shuffling people in and out hoping to get a spark. The rebounding really hurt us, defensively we struggled and then we didn’t have any flow on offense because we always had to come down and call a set play, which is not always our strength.”

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