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Jan. 14, 2016

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“This was a disappointing loss on our home floor. Louisville is a really good team, and we are still trying to find our way without Faith [Randolph]. I think you can just tell from us scoring 41 points that we need to be more confident and everybody has got to help out. I think that was definitely one of the deciding factors.”

On the defensive pressure by the Louisville guards:
“We just had no flow. The ball just constantly got stuck in one person’s hands, and then we tried to go one-on-one and there was no flow. We’d throw the ball back to Mikayla [Venson] and just want her to create something. Not taking anything away from them, I think they are a really good defensive team. They switch on all screens, they make you make reads, but I think part of what we are doing is we got really tentative on things. When our defense was able to be set I thought we were good defensively. We got to set our defense and I thought there was a much better concerted effort on the boards tonight. We are not going to be the best team when we have to just want the ball and call set every time. We need to get some transition going, people stepping up and we just have to be better offensively.”

On Louisville’s 25 points off of turnovers:
“They are a really good defensive team. I think there was a combination of them being a good defensive team and I think we got stagnant and did not know what to do. It was like we were just looking to bail somebody out and make bad passes within the offense because we did not know what we were looking for. It has been two games now. We just need a level of confidence and other people being able to participate and being able to score. Against Wake it was Lauren [Moses] and Mikayla [Venson], so we have to get more production from more people because in conference play, two people scoring every night is not going to get it done.”

On Virginia’s four assists coming from only one player:
“As a coach you are just watching the ball stick in people’s hands and not flow, and that is why we ended up with only four assists. That has to be corrected. The coaching staff definitely has confidence in every player that steps out on the floor that they can score, but they have to step up and just understand that we believe in them and that they can all do it. We cannot just defer, everybody has to participate in that. If we have that mindset, like we did tonight with our rebounding, I think we will be in a much better situation.”

Junior Guard Breyana Mason
On UVA’s offensive struggles:
“It was a combination of both Faith (Randolph) being out and their defense, but in ACC play we’re going to face that every night. We need to do a better job of running the offense, spacing ourselves, moving the ball and cutting. If we move the ball and communicate then we’ll be fine. If we’re aggressive and know what we want to do, then we’ll be okay.”

On her role while Faith Randolph is out:
“My coaches and teammates have been telling me all season to be more aggressive, so I feel like I need to step it up now since Faith is out. I really want to contribute in other areas – rebounding, defensively mainly. Faith doesn’t just score for us, she does a lot of different things for us.”

Sophomore Forward Lauren Moses
On missing Faith Randolph:
“Faith is a great player, but I feel like we have the tools to get the job done on offense. Tonight, like Coach Boyle and Breyana said, it was just stagnant. We didn’t know who wanted to shoot the ball, and then we tried to give it to Mikayla (Venson) to make something happen at the end of the shot clock. I have confidence in my teammates that next game we’re going to be aggressive and have the confidence that we needed tonight.”

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