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Jan. 27, 2016

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On inability to close out:
“We didn’t get stops down the stretch and we put them on the free throw line in the last four minutes. We were scoring for a while and then we got cold and couldn’t make a basket.”

On adjustments needed in second half:
“We are definitely struggling to score right now. We are scoring in spurts and we just don’t have a flow and rhythm. We are relying on one or two people and that is tough. Just setting our defense and being able to do things like that will help us. I thought we did a better job on the boards and the kids really fought tonight.”

On defending three-point range:
“With the switching we took away the three and then they were able to get some penetration on us because we had a lot of mismatches. We could have had better help-side defense, but they are a tough team to guard because they are so deadly from the three. The only way to play them is to switch. I was proud of how we played them up until the last four minutes and were gassed so you have to find a way to make shots.”

On bye week before Duke:
“It will be good, we finally get a week to work on us instead of prepping for other teams. They will play a matchup zone against us, so we will focus on preparing for the zone and how we are going to defend them because they are pretty long.”

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