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Feb. 15, 2016

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Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

On the play of Malcolm Brogdon:
“He was complete tonight. I love complete players. We did a good job helping him. He did a good job defensively on [Brandon] Ingram and Grayson Allen and was against a different type of player [in Cat Barber]. I was really pleased. He was locked in. When they set ball screens, we did a pretty good job of sealing Cat. We know how prolific he is. Malcolm was efficient offensively in the lane and shooting threes. For the people who make decisions on the next level, the ones that want guys that win and do things that show up in the win column, he is gold in that way. I know what he brings to the table. When Malcolm is right, he has a way about him defensively and is efficient offensively. He lets the game come to him at times but is aggressive. He’s just a heck of a player and he is showing that. But he’s got a nice group with him. I’m glad to see him playing at such a high level.”

On London Perrantes’ shooting tonight:
“I thought there were maybe a couple [of shots] he could have taken against Duke. Duke really put some pressure and heat on him. But there aren’t many who have a better feel for the game than London. He might have re-evaluated for this game and said, ‘I need to give us some shooting.’ He certainly re-adjusted for this game. We didn’t talk about it. He knows what we need. I trust him. I really do. If I need to say something, I will. In the second half, he was terrific with his stroke.”

On the performance of the team overall:
“I thought we played great team ball tonight, especially in the second half. In the first half, we were sort of give-and-take. I thought we tightened up a bit defensively and Malcolm hit some big shots to keep us going. I liked the way we moved the ball in the second half and really shared it. I don’t know if NC State wore down at all or not, but we had a level of patience and toughness offensively and more fight defensively. We need to be really good on both ends. Where do we go from here? We’ve got a little under a week to prepare for a good Miami team on their court. I thought Marial [Shayok] gave us a nice lift, as well. If we get other guys to get going like Isaiah [Wilkins] and Mike [Tobey] and Marial, that’s important for us.”

On getting production from the third guard spot:
“It’s important when we can get that other perimeter player. It takes a load off of Malcolm and London. Devon [Hall] has been in the system now for three years and understands it, and Malcolm has had a good stretch as of late.”

Virginia Senior Guard Malcolm Brogdon

On preparing to guard different players week-to-week:
“It’s definitely challenging. The way you play defense on each of them every night, depending on who you’re guarding and what their skill set is. But, your mindset doesn’t change. You have to figure out a way to stop them and frustrate them that night.”

On Cat Barber:
“I love playing against great players. He’s a great player, a great scorer. I don’t know if I was extra juiced up. I’m juiced up every night, but I definitely looked forward to playing him.”

On his aggressiveness:
“I was going to try to play within the offense, try to be aggressive and try to do what my team needed most which was to get stops and, in this game, score.”

On whether he takes more pride in scoring or keeping the opponent to low output:
“Holding him to a low output, because if I can hold him to a low output then their team isn’t going to be as good.”

Virginia Sophomore Forward Isaiah Wilkins

On his rebounding:
“I’m just trying to be all over the place. I feel like that really helps the team a lot: getting extra possessions and finishing possessions. I’m pretty much just running around and trying not to get hit.”

On bouncing back after the Duke game:
“This is a really deep league and we had a quick turnaround, which I feel like was good for us, too. We just had to come out and play hard tonight because this is a really skilled team.”

On moving forward:
“I feel like we’ve been playing a lot of very versatile teams, going forward we play a couple more ACC teams then it’s time for the tournament. We try to take it one game at a time and learn things from this game ,but also learn from the past. We just try to put ourselves in situations where we can always develop.”

On Anthony Gill:
“As the other big, I feel like it is my job to either get him the ball or score in space so I can take some pressure off of him and allow him to get his one-on-one game going. Anthony is a really good basketball player and a great offensive player, so when he gets going he is hard to stop. Some teams are throwing different things at him. Some teams are trapping him and others are fronting him. We just try to get him the ball and let him work.”

Virginia Junior Guard London Perrantes

On the task of defending Cat Barber:
“Malcolm takes guarding a guy like that personally. I think we all took this game pretty personally especially coming off of that loss at Duke. He stepped up big time for us tonight and when he starts it off strong like that we just follow behind him.”

On his three-point shooting:
“I really didn’t have too much time to sit back and look at the Duke game with regards to my selection of shots. I was just taking what the defense gave me tonight. I just had some open threes and just wanted to play more aggressively.”

On putting the Duke game behind them:
“Playing again quickly. Having a quick turnaround definitely helps. We can’t sit around and think about that too much because we have to get ready for the next game. Being able to play again tonight is probably the best thing to come after that game. We got that bad taste out of our mouths and were just ready to move on.”

On moving forward:
“I feel like every game we want to take a step forward. Defensively we’ve been taking steps forward I think every single game. Obviously, with that loss we felt like we needed to do some things differently but every single game we want to take a step forward. We know it’s getting closer to March and the postseason and we want to start playing our best ball. I feel like we’re starting to get into that stride and we just want to keep playing with confidence and keep playing hard.”

On his thoughts early on:
“I was just thinking, ‘we need a stop.’ We weren’t playing too well and our post-trap defense wasn’t very effective. They were shooting the ball really well and that was tough, but we knew it wouldn’t last the whole game, so we just wanted to keep playing hard and working together defensively.”

On Justin Anderson’s appearance:
“We knew he was going to be there. Obviously, he brings the hype with the three years he played here. To have him bringing that extra fire for us is always a huge help. We love that guy and were very happy that he was here.”

On Anthony Gill:
“Teams are playing really well defensively on him. We have played some teams that have been really physical against him. We have some other guys that have been stepping up for us, Isaiah [Wilkins] has been playing huge and so has [Mike] Tobey. At some point, teams are going to have pick their poison against our team. Anthony [Gill] has been playing extremely well still. He may not have been scoring as much, but he still is playing really well for us outside of scoring.”

NC State Coach Mark Gottfried

Opening statement:
“I think they [UVA] played fantastically during the second half. You have to give them credit. It was a tale of two halves for us. I thought we had a great first half and I thought the second half, Virginia was just terrific. They went 6-for-9 from the three in the second half and we went 0-for-9 from the three. That’s probably the biggest difference. We had some shots we didn’t make and they capitalized on it. They seemed to really get their offense clicking. I thought [London] Perrantes made some big shots. Malcolm [Brogdon] obviously made some, too. We haven’t had a lot of halves like that. That second half was a tough half for us. But, I think they were the story, not us. They were the story and they played terrifically.”

On Brogdon’s defense on Anthony ‘Cat’ Barber:
“They did a great job. I thought collectively as a team they kind of almost doubled every ball screen and stayed with him for a long time. They did a great job cutting down some of his opportunities to penetrate.”

On how he felt at halftime:
“Good. At halftime, it’s 31 all and the first half was probably Cat’s worst half of basketball. So I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Hey, we’re tied at 31 without Cat doing a lot, and he’s done so much for our team.’ But we had a bad start to the second half. We missed some open shots. They made some and got on a little run. I thought we fought back there for a little while and then we kind of fell out a little bit. That was to their credit. They played like they were a top-10 team in the second half. You have to give them credit.”

On if his team was tired:
“No, you just bounce back and play. I loved how we played the first half on the road. We just didn’t have a great second half. For our team, we haven’t had very many, I don’t know if we have had any, halves where we played that poorly. I think Virginia had a lot to do with that, no doubt about it. We’re going to kind of flush this one out, flush that half out of there and we’re going to get ready to play this weekend.”

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