#UVAFB holds its annual #ProDay for scouts of the NFL today. In addition to gathering measurables like height and weight, the scouts will put the players through numerous drills including shuttle runs, dashes, jumps and the bench press. One player sure to make an impression is senior defensive end Trent Corney. His amazing athletic feats have made him a social media star. Check out this famous video where he jumps out of a swimming pool. And read this article from NFL.com and this one from the Canadian Press about Corney’s preparation for the draft.


ESPN.com recently ranked all of the Division I coaches based on their playing careers. UVA’s @UVACoachBronco comes in at the No. 37 spot on the list.


The 1991 #UVAWLax team that won the program’s first of three National Championships was honored this weekend. Members of the team took the field at halftime of the UNC/UVA game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the national title. The team also spoke to current members of the #UVAWLax team on the topic of “Teammates For Life” at the Alumni Reception that evening.