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Feb. 12, 2017

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening statement:
“I’m obviously happy to just come out with a win. It seems like every time we play Wake Forest it’s a battle. We’ve been fortunate to come out on this side of it a couple of times. I thought it was a great game by both teams and just a lot of grit. I’m excited and fortunate to come out on the other end of it.”

On J’Kyra Brown’s first half and Dominique Toussaint’s second half:
“You know, at different times it just seemed like everyone was stepping up. In the first half of the game, JB gave us a lot of scoring. Then there was a point where Lauren [Moses] was giving it and then Jocelyn [Willoughby] was giving it and then Dom was giving it to us. It just felt like we were able to go to multiple different people’s numbers tonight and we got different scoring. It was good because you want to keep them guessing a little bit about what we’re going to do. I thought everybody stepped up; J’Kyra, Dom, especially down the stretch, as did Lauren and Jocelyn at some points. Everybody played their role. It’s one of those games where you’re asking everybody to contribute and everybody was finding their way to do it.”

On whether Toussaint’s three-pointers were set plans or flow of the game:
“Flow of the game. We were running something else, I think one of them was for Jocelyn and she just didn’t have it, so we just rotated it around. I think people were collapsing on us so we were able to find the open man and she knocked it down, as did JB in the first half. JB has been coming up with some big time scoring for us when we’re in a little drought, so it’s been good.”

On what it takes to be the sixth person off the bench:
“There’s an element of personality that goes with it. Some people can handle it. You always want the sixth man to be a spark, that’s the biggest thing. It’s got to be somebody that can come in and be a spark, and that can be in a lot of different ways. It can be a defensive spark, with rebounding, and it just so happens with JB, offensively, she can score the ball. That’s the importance of having a good sixth man, is to kind of get things going with whatever you’re lacking.”

Freshman Guard Dominique Toussaint
On going into overtime:
“I was just a little nervous whether or not [the ball] would go in. I just relied on our practices and the hours I spend in the gym.”

On consistently deciding to take three-pointers:
“I’m always worried about whether or not it’s a good shot, and for those shots I was just wide open. I felt that I had to take it. But on the second shot that I made, I was running in trying to get the rebound because I didn’t know whether it would go in or not. It was a lucky play.”

On Wake’s defense:
“They really just stepped up their defense. They out more pressure on us and I guess we just responded in a good way.”

Junior Guard J’Kyra Brown
On a strong start with four three-pointers:
“My teammates found me open. I just had the confidence to knock it down. I don’t know what the score was. I didn’t really care about that going in. I was just worried about making sure I contributed to the team by making stops and getting back on the offensive end.”

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