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Dec. 2, 2017

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“I am pleased to come up with a win tonight. We’ve got one game left before break, so it’s nice to get one under our belt.We have a quick turnaround as tomorrow we travel to Rutgers. We’ll take this one, learn from it, enjoy it and get ready for Rutgers tomorrow.”

On Felicia:
“She’s been a presence. You can tell that [Fe] every game, gets more and more comfortable. Obviously, her defense is ahead of her offense but I really feel like she’s settling in on the offensive end as well. It’s been good, she’s helped her teammates out. Hopefully we can just settle in and really guard our man a little better than we did tonight. She’s been a presence for us, she’s been great.”

On adjustments in the game defensively:
“We just tried to tighten things up. I felt like we weren’t doing a great job of switching, calling our switches, getting up on shooters. We were switching flat and I don’t think our transition defense was great tonight. They got some early open looks, so I thought it took us until the fourth quarter to really settle in. We defended much better in the fourth quarter. Our voices got stronger as the game went on and we tightened up a little bit. We did get beat off the dribble a lot tonight and that kind of hurt us and put us in some foul trouble.”

On Aliyah preferring to share the ball with her team:
“We are a pretty selfless team when it comes to moving the ball. I don’t think we really care about who scores. We are always really excited just to get a good look and a good shot. We are very balanced, like tonight, when we can average at least three or four people in double figures. I think we are always a better team when it comes to this. Nights like this, it’s fun because you move the ball around and they played a lot of zone, so it is just going to be who has that hot hand or who has the open shot. I felt we made some tough shots tonight but some good shots.

Senior Guard Aliyah Huland El
On looking for Felicia more:
“I mean in any game she is clearly going to be at the higher advantage end of any matchup so we’re always trying to get it to her inside. Probably not too much more so than normal but it is something we want to do on offense.”

On coming back after the tough loss:
“Well this game is just really a game of redemptions. And you know we wanted to redeem ourselves and make sure we were secure in how we play and who we are. This game definitely sets up the coming games for our break to get us on a good run.”

On scoring early, then assisting more in the later quarters:
“Honestly, that’s not necessarily the focus. I get hot, and my teammates get hot as well. Both facilitating and scoring is very important to me. Any game I try to average at least two or three assists. Scoring is good for me, but I would rather share it with my team.”

Senior Guard J’Kyra Brown
On coming back after the tough loss:
“It’s pretty much what Aliyah said. It’s about redemption and just coming in and trying to focus on the main things that we talk about and that’s rebounding, defending and our effort getting it in on defense knowing that we can come back with it on the offensive end.”

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