Day in the (Busy) Life

Virginia Magazine
asked #UVAWBB sophomore Jocelyn Willoughby to chronicle a day in the life of a student-athlete. Check out the very detailed results here in the article penned by Willoughby.

Further Adventures of Cavman

Yesterday, we shared what Cavman has been up to in the Big Apple. Today, we are excited to share limitless possibilities for his further adventures. A Baltimore company called Balti Virtual, and its business developer, UVA alum Shawn Flaherty, have created an app called “appAR8” that allows you to bring Cavman to life on your smartphone or tablet. This article in UVA Today explains the ‘augmented reality” Cavman, what you can do with him and how the project came about.You definitely need to read the instructions in the article (or the instructions short cut here), but trust us, it is worth the effort!