INDIANAPOLIS, IND. — No. 10 Virginia advanced its Second Varsity Eight to the grand finals at the NCAA Rowing Championships Saturday (June 1) at the Indianapolis Rowing Center at Eagle Creek Park.
The Cavaliers’ Varsity Eight and Varsity Four will race in the petite finals after placing sixth and seventh, respectively, in its A/B semifinal races.
UVA’s Second Varsity Eight finished third in a highly-competitive A/B semifinal, which was won by Stanford. The Cardinal raced to the win over runner-up Michigan 6:51.761-6:53.932. The Cavaliers (6:57.927) held off Brown (6:59.247) for the final spot in the grand final on Sunday (June 2).
“It was a great race to watch,” Virginia associate head coach Emily Ford said. “I was really happy with the way they executed the plan. They were fighting like crazy and didn’t feel really good. Our stroke Star Davidson did a great job leading them the last 250 (meters) to pull off the win. Tomorrow’s grand final will by barnburner for sure. This boat still feels like it hasn’t had its best race of the weekend yet.”
In other A/B semifinals, UVA’s Varsity Eight placed sixth with a time of 6:49.616. California won the heat at 6:31.252 followed by Texas (6:33.682), Michigan (6:38.038) Iowa (6:41.806), Brown (6:46.531) and the Cavaliers.
UVA’s Varsity Four finished seventh in its semifinal, which was won by Stanford (7:32.328). Ohio State (7:35.532) placed second followed by California (7:35.838), Rutgers (7:47.162), Duke (7:48.180), Indiana (7:51.065) and the Cavaliers (7:55.827). UVA’s Varsity Four gained a position in the A/B semifinal after winning its protest after yesterday’s fourth-place finish due to heavy debris on the race course.
“I think both of those boats did what they could do today,” Ford added. “I think they just need to focus on coming in tomorrow and having the very best race on the last day of the championship, and seeing where that lands us.”
NCAA championship action concludes Sunday (June 2). Virginia’s first race will be the Varsity Four’s petite final at 10:12 a.m., followed by the Second Varsity Eight grand final (10:48 a.m.) and Varsity Eight petite final (11 a.m.). Live results and video streaming links are available on
Saturday Results
Varsity Eight A/B Semifinal
1. California 6:31.252, 2. Texas 6:33.682, 3. Michigan 6:38.038, 4. Iowa 6:41.806, 5. Brown 6:46.531, 6. Virginia 6:49.616.
Second Varsity Eight A/B Semifinal
1. Stanford 6:51.761, 2. Michigan 6:53.932, 3. Virginia 6:57.927, 4. Brown 6:59.247, 5. Princeton 7:05.198, 6. Wisconsin 7:14.393.
Varsity Four A/B Semifinal
1. Stanford 7:32.328, 2. Ohio State 7:35.532, 3. California 7:35.838, 4. Rutgers 7:47.162, 5. Duke 7:48.180, 6. Indiana 7:51.065, 7. Virginia 7:55.827.
Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Izzi Weiss; Stroke: Reilly White; 7: Heidi Long; 6: Anna Fairs; 5: Emily Ashton; 4. Jamey Bulloch; 3: Sophia Kershner; 2: Lizzie Trull; Bow: Carrie Warner
Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Colette Glass; Stroke: Star Davidson; 7: Isabella Strickler; 6: Ally Terblanche; 5: Georgia Gray; 4: Sophie Pennoyer; 3: Mackenzie King; 2: To Wiersma; Bow: Tessa Otting
Varsity Four
Coxswain: Eva Gobourne; 4: Abbie Bird; 3: Mary Wright; 2: Alex Slabbert; Bow: Grace Comerford