Results | Virginia Master Plan

PRINCETON, N.J. – Virginia landed two boats in the top six at the Princeton Chase on Sunday (Oct. 27) on Lake Carnegie.
The Cavaliers’ Varsity Eight placed third, while UVA’s Second Varsity Eight finished sixth in the 3-mile headrace won by Princeton.
Princeton clocked in with a time of 14:37.568 to defeat runner-up Brown who came in at 14:51.658. Virginia placed third (14:58.948) and UVA’s Second Varsity Eight (15:17.498) placed sixth.
UVA’s Third Varsity Eight finished 19th and the Cavaliers’ Fourth Varsity Eight finished 21st. Virginia’s Fifth Varsity Eight finished 37th.
Virginia concludes its fall season by hosting the Rivanna Romp on the Rivanna Reservoir in Earlysville, Va., on Sunday, Nov. 17 at 10 a.m.
Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight: Coxswain Colette Glass, Stroke: Reilly White, 7: Lizzie Trull, 6: Star Davidson, 5: Sophia Kershner, 4: Katy Flynn, 3: Isabella Strickler, 2: To Wiersma, Bow: Carrie Warner.
Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Eva Gobourne, Stroke: Lauren Poland, 7: Emily Ashton, 6: Jamey Bulloch, 5: Nicola Lawless, 4: Leia Till, 3: Abbie Bird, 2: Ally Terblanche, Bow: Tahne Badenhorst.
Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain Gabby Grob, Stroke: Isabel Rundle, 7: Larkin Brown, 6: Tessa Otting, 5: Parker Cuthbertson, 4: Casey Martin, 3: Charlotte Quinn, 2: Hannah Watson, Bow: Bianka Smeulders.
Fourth Varsity Eight: Coxswain Janet Conklin, Stroke: Julia Trull, 7: Carter Shields, 6: Lauren Orr, 5: Hailey Barnett, 4: Emiliana Geronimo, 3: Maggie Taylor, 2: Sara Cliborne, Bow: Livia Kimche.
Fifth Varsity Eight: Coxswain ViVi Van Ingen, Stroke: Brooke Rickert, 7: Emily Condlin, 6: Brooke Alexander, 5: Katie Stephens, 4: Lindsay Barkett, 3. Sam Mazza, 2: Julia Downing, Bow: Elizabeth Kilgore.