TOKYO, JAPAN – Former Virginia rower Hannah Osborne earned a silver medal in the women’s double sculls Tuesday (July 27) at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Osborne and teammate Brooke Donoghue of New Zealand finished second in a time of 6:44.83 behind gold-winning Romania at 6:41.03. Osborne rowed at UVA in 2014 before returning to New Zealand to pursue her national team career.

Virginia women’s rowing has now produced six Olympic medals. Lindsey Shoop (USA) won gold in the women’s eight in 2008, Marlies Smulders (Netherlands) earned a silver in 2008 and a bronze in 2004 in the women’s eight, Melanie Kok (Canada) earned bronze in 2008 in the lightweight double sculls and Inge Janssen (Netherlands) earned silver in the women’s quad in 2016.

In other finals action, former UVA standout Inge Janssen (Netherlands) finished sixth in the women’s quad, while former softball and volleyball player Meghan O’Leary (USA) finished 10th in the women’s quad.