EARLYSVILLE, Va. — The Virginia rowing team swept all three races at the Rivanna Romp Sunday (Nov. 14) on the Rivanna Reservoir. UVA won the Varsity Eight, Varsity Four and Novice Eight as the Cavaliers concluded their fall season.

The annual regatta featured crews from Clemson, Duke, Louisville, Navy, North Carolina and SMU. Virginia has captured the last 15 Varsity Eight races at the Romp, while the UVA Varsity Four has won 12 of the last 14 races.

“Great racing today and very competitive,” Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer said. “Many thanks to all of the schools that made the trip to Charlottesville.”

UVA’s Varsity Eight picked up its 15th consecutive win at the Rivanna Romp, completing the 4,000-meter course with a winning time of 13:34.8. Duke’s Varsity Eight placed second at 13:37.5 followed by Duke’s Second Varsity Eight (13:49.4), SMU’s Varsity Eight (13:51.9) and UVA’s Third Varsity Eight (14:00.5).

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Four defeated UVA’s Second Varsity Four 15:16.3-15:19.4.

Duke’s Varsity Four (15:21.4) placed third followed by the Blue Devils’ Second Varsity Four (15:32.4) and SMU’s Second Varsity Four (15:32.4).

UVA’s Novice Eight edged Duke’s Novice Eight 14:33.9-14:36.8. Virginia’s Second Novice Eight finished third at 15:18.3 followed by Clemson’s Novice Eight at 16:01.2. Virginia’s Third Novice Eight finished fifth at 16:39.2.

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Janet Conklin; Stroke: Sonja Schlosser, 7: Kate Kelly, 6: Leia Till, 5: Nicola Lawless, 4: Alli Terblanche, 3: Lauren Benedict, 2: Meagan Goldsmith, Bow: Lily Jarrett

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain: ViVi Van Ingen; Stroke: Ailbhe O’Grady, 7: Tahne Badenhorst, 6: Charlotte Quinn, 5: Izzie Bird, 4: Bianka Smeulders; 3: Kelsey Gems, 2: Brooke Rickert, Bow: Lauren Orr

Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Nel Straub, 7: Addison Luce, 6: Beatrice Jones, 5: Lily Bernero, 4: Teagan Orth, 3: Sophia Coppola, 2: Cameron Bentley, Bow: Amelia Parizek

Fourth Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Emma Bradish, Stroke: Carter Shields, 7: Brooke Alexander, 6: Parker Cuthbertson, 5: Paige Loh, 4: Sam Mazza, 3: Liv Kimche, 2: Grace Lebo, Bow: Helene Dimitrijev

Fifth Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Sophia Dexter, 7: Jelani Adorno, 6: Brooke Carmody, 5: Paige Lane, 4: Ximena Chico, 3: Caroline Brinkman, 2: Skye Dahl, Bow: Alexandra Van Dijkum

Varsity Four: Coxswain: Janet Conklin, Stroke: Schlosser, 3: Kate Kelly 2: Alli Terblance, Bow: Lily Jarrett

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain: ViVi Van Ingen, Stroke: Nicola Lawless, 3: Leia Till, 2: Lauren Benedict, Bow: Cameron Bentley

Third Varsity Four: Coxswain: Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Ailbhe O’Grady, 3: Tahne Badenhorst, 2: Nel Straub, Bow: Lily Bernero

Fourth Varsity Four: Coxswain: Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Izzie Bird, 3: Bianka Smeulders, 2: Amelia Parizek, Bow: Brooke Rickert

Fifth Varsity Four: Coxswain: Emma Bradish, Stroke: Kelsey Gems, 3: Charlotte Quinn, 2: Lauren Orr, Bow: Beatrice Jones

First Novice Eight: Coxswain: Faye Berry, Stroke: Meagan Goldsmith, 7: Addison Luce, 6: Teagan Orth, 5: Paige Lane, 4: Helene Dimitrijev, 3: Jelani Adorno, 2: Ximena Chico, Bow: Sofia Coppola

Second Novice Eight: Coxswain Chloe Lee, Stroke: Sophia Dexter, 7: Skye Dahl, 6: Brooke Carmody, 5: Jenna Hajji, 4: Claire Butorac, 3: Caroline Brinkman, 2: Aileen Murray, Bow: Alexandra Van Dijkum

Third Novice Eight: Coxswain Autumn Bell, Stroke: Caity Driver, 7: Lilah Hassell, 6: Sydney Fratamico, 5: Chloe Kline, 4: Maggie Shuffler, 3: Isabel So, 3: Michaela McCormack, Bow: Sarah Statler