No. 15 Virginia won four of five grand finals to claim its 12th consecutive ACC Rowing championship Saturday (May 14) morning on Lake Hartwell at Clemson.

Virginia finished with 98 points followed by Syracuse (83), Duke (82), Clemson (60), Miami (52), Louisville (43), Notre Dame (29), Boston College (26) and North Carolina (21).

The Cavaliers have won 21 of the 22 ACC championship regattas and 86 of the 95 championship races.

“Every day I’m so proud of the character of this team and today so proud of them as racers,” head coach Kevin Sauer said. “Especially Syracuse and Duke were formidable opponents today and we are very fortunate to win this championship.  Many thanks to Clemson for hosting.”

UVA’s Third Varsity Eight started the grand finals by defeating runner-up Duke by over five seconds, 6:39.820-6:45.170. Clemson finished third at 6:51.306.

Duke topped UVA in the Second Varsity Four 7:11.587-7:16.043 and Syracuse, finished third at 7:21.519.

UVA’s Varsity Four (7:10.892) edged Duke (7:12.901) in a close Varsity Four race. Syracuse placed third at 7:16.046.

The Cavaliers’ Second Varsity Eight rallied past Syracuse 6:26.132-6:28.109. Duke finished third at 6:31.047.

In the premier race of the championship, Virginia’s Varsity Eight secured the team title by defeating runner-up Syracuse in a hotly-contested race 6:23.415-6:25.351. Duke placed third at 6:29.505.

UVA’s Varsity Eight was named ACC Crew of the Year and Sauer was named ACC Coach of the Year for the 14th time.

“We stepped up big when it mattered the most, individually and as a team,” UVA captains Liv Kimche and Abbie Bird added. “We are so proud of the grit this team shows every day and what we were able to do this weekend. Nothing has come easy for us this spring and this victory is exceptionally special.”

Cavaliers return to action at the NCAA Rowing Championship on May 27-29 in Sarasota, Fla. The NCAA DI Rowing Selection Show is set for Tuesday, May 17 at 5 p.m. on

ACC Crew of the Year – Varsity Eight, Virginia
ACC Coach of the Year – Kevin Sauer, Virginia
ACC Newcomer of the Year – Kristen Siermachesky, North Carolina

All-ACC Rowing First Team
Sonja Schlosser, Virginia
Nicola Lawless, Virginia
Alli Terblanche, Virginia
Vivi Van Ingen (Coxswain), Virginia
Aphrodite Gioulekas, Syracuse
Kami Kralikaite, Syracuse
Megan Lee, Duke
Rachel Twitty, Clemson
Alyssa Bacchus, Miami

All-ACC Rowing Second Team
Leia Till, Virginia
Hannah Murphy (Coxswain), Syracuse
Sydney Johnson, Duke
Lori Belanger, Clemson
Constance Stirling, Miami
Caitlin Bently, Louisville
Sara Clarin, Notre Dame
Lauren Meath, Boston College
Allessandra de Vito, North Carolina

Saturday Grand Final Results

Third Varsity Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:39.820, 2. Duke, 6:45.170, 3. Clemson, 6:51.306, 4. Syracuse, 6:53.050, 5. Louisville, 6:57.125, 6. Notre Dame, 7:07.293

Second Varsity Four: 1. Duke, 7:11.587, 2. Virginia, 7:16.043, 3. Syracuse, 7:21.519, 4. Clemson, 7:35.067, 5. Miami, 7:41.282, 6. Notre Dame, 7:41.639

Varsity Four: 1. Virginia, 7:10.892, 2. Duke, 7:12.901, 3. Syracuse, 7:16.046, 4. Clemson, 7:21.479, 5. Louisville, 7:25.809, 6. Notre Dame, 7:38.863

Second Varsity Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:26.132, 2. Syracuse, 6:28.109, 3. Duke, 6:31.047, 4. Miami, 6:36.624, 5. Clemson, 6:44.353, 6. Louisville, 6:51.290

Varsity Eight: 1. Virginia, 6:23.415, 2. Syracuse, 6:25.351, 3. Duke, 6:29.505, 4. Miami, 6:32.179, 5. Clemson, 6:33.500, 6. Louisville, 6:36.284

Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight: Coxswain ViVi Van Ingen, Stroke: Kate Kelly, 7: Leia Till, 6: Lauren Benedict, 5: Sonja Schlosser, 4: Nicola Lawless, 3: Alli Terblanche, 2: Kelsey Gems, Bow: Eva Frohnhofer

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Janet Conklin, Stroke: Addison Luce, 7: Meagan Goldsmith, 6: Lily Jarrett, 5: Helene Dimitrijev, 4: Lauren Orr, 3: Cameron Bentley, 2: Tahne Badenhorst, Bow: Larkin Brown

Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Izzie Bird, 7: Ava Wisnoski, 6: Abbie Bird, 5: Beatrice Jones, 4: Lily Bernero, 3: Ailbhe O’Grady, 2: Grace Lebo, Bow: Liv Kimche

Varsity Four: Coxswain Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Hailey Barnett, 3: Jenna Hajji, 2: Kate McGee, Bow: Sophia Coppola

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain Emma Bradish, Bow: Bella Carter, 3: Paige Loh, 2: Izzie Begley: Bow: Bianka Smeulders