CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Sixteen Virginia men’s soccer players were named to the 2022 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team, the league announced Wednesday (Feb. 1).

Axel Ahlander, Triton Beauvois, Holden Brown, Will Citron, Albin Gashi, Phil Horton, Moritz Kappelsberger, Daniel Mangarov, Aidan O’Connor, Asparuh Slavov, Andy Sullins, Michael Tsicoulias, Kome Ubogu, Andreas Ueland, Jeremy Verley and Paul Wiese were all honored.

Four Cavaliers who receive the honor have made appearances on the team in the past. Andreas Ueland earned the honor for the fourth consecutive season while Brown, Verley and Slavov all received the award for the second time in their careers.

Academic requirements for selection to the All-ACC Academic Team are a 3.0-grade point average for the previous semester and a 3.0 cumulative average during one’s academic career. In addition, student-athletes must compete in at least 50 percent of their team’s contests.

2022 ACC Men’s Soccer Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Peter Stroud, Jr., M, Duke

2022 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team

Name, School, Position, Major
Augustine Boadi, Boston College, M, Management
Jack Burgess, Boston College, M, Economics
Ted Cargill, Boston College, M, Undeclared
Walker Davey, Boston College, D, Management
Amos Shapiro-Thompson, Boston College, M, English
Stefan Sigurdarson***, Boston College, F, Management
Adrian Zenko, Boston College, M, Leadership and Administration
Joseph Andema, Clemson, GK, Pre-Business
Elton Chifamba, Clemson, M, Financial Management
Marco Garcia, Clemson, F, Sports Communication
Alvaro Gomez**, Clemson, M, Political Science
Adam Lundegard, Clemson, D, Language & International Business
Enrique Montana, Clemson, D, Management
Nate Richmond, Clemson, F, Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Titus Sandy, Clemson, D, Management
Mohamed Seye, Clemson, F, Management
Tim Stroebeck, Clemson, F, Marketing
Tyler Trimnal, Clemson, F, Pre-Business
Derek Waleffe, Clemson, M, Athletic Leadership Certificate
Kamran Acito, Duke, D, Undeclared
Felix Barajas, Duke, M, Undeclared
Wayne Frederick, Duke, M/D, Undeclared
Axel Gudbjornsson, Duke, D, Undeclared
Eliot Hamill***, Duke, GK, Master of Management Studies
Kenan Hot, Duke, M, Undeclared
Cameron Kerr, Duke, M, Int Comparative Studies
Drew Kerr, Duke, M, Undeclared
Antino Lopez**, Duke, D, Political Science
Ruben Mesalles**, Duke, M/D, Undeclared
Shakur Mohammed**, Duke, M/F, Undeclared
Nick Pariano**, Duke, M, History
Miguel Ramirez, Duke, F, Sociology
Peter Stroud***, Duke, M. Political Science
Scotty Taylor, Duke, F, Political Science
Luke Thomas, Duke, M, Computer Science
Parker Forbes, Louisville, D, Finance
Bradley Sample***, Louisville, M, Marketing
Ahmad Al-Qaq , North Carolina, M/D, Neuroscience
Andrew Cordes, North Carolina, GK, Undecided
Matt Edwards, North Carolina, D, Pharmacy
Benjamin Kabeya, North Carolina, M/D, Global Studies / Communication Studies
Victor Olofsson***, North Carolina, M, Business Administration
Tim Schels***, North Carolina, M. Exercise and Sport Science
Riley Thomas**, North Carolina, D, Exercise and Sport Science
Key White, North Carolina, F, Management and Society
Sam Williams, North Carolina, M, Mathematics
Will Buete, NC State, M, Business Administration
Noe Cabezas, NC State, M, Communications
Jarvis Cleal, NC State, D, Management First-Year
Conor Kelly, NC State, M, Parks, Rec, and Tourism Management
Kendall Edwards, NC State, D, Communications
Lucas Hatsios, NC State, GK, Biological Sciences
Luke Hille, NC State, F, Sport Management
Drew Lovelace, NC State, M, Sport Management
Cameron Murray, NC State, D, Psychology
Junior Nare, NC State, F, Sport Management
Pablo Pedregosa***, NC State, D, Sport Management
Caden Tolentino, NC State, M, Engineering First-Year
Calem Tommy, NC State, M, Management First-Year
KK Baffour, Notre Dame, F, Undeclared
Bryce Boneau, Notre Dame, M, Finance
Paddy Burns**, Notre Dame, D, Political Science/Sociology
Bryan Dowd**, Notre Dame, GK, Finance
Mitchell Ferguson, Notre Dame, M, Undeclared
Kyle Genenbacher, Notre Dame, D, Finance
Ben Giacobello**, Notre Dame, D, Master of Science Business Analytics
Reese Mayer, Notre Dame, M, Finance
Eno Nto, Notre Dame, F, Design
Matthew Roou**, Notre Dame, F, Finance
Matthew Radivojsa, Notre Dame, M, Business Analytics
Rodrigo Almeida**, Pitt, M, Information Science/Business Information Systems
Guilherme Feitosa**, Pitt, M, Undeclared
Henrique Gallina, Pitt, D, Management
Jackson Gilman, Pitt, D, Undeclared
Noah Hall, Pitt, D, Undeclared
Bertin Jacquesson***, Pitt, F, Economics
Mateo Maillefaud, Pitt, D, Undeclared
Lucas Rosa, Pitt, D, Business Administration
Luis Sahmkow, Pitt, F, Undeclared
Michael Sullivan, Pitt, F, Undeclared
Jackson Walti****, Pitt, M, Sustainable Engineering/Accounting
Amferny Sinclair, Syracuse, M, Economics
Colin Biros, Syracuse, M, Commmunications and Rhetorical Studies
Jackson Glenn, Syracuse, D, Finance
Camden Holbrook, Syracuse, M, Policy Studies
Giona Leibold, Syracuse, M, Undeclared in Arts & Science
Nathan Opoku, Syracuse, F, Commmunications and Rhetorical Studies
Julius Rauch, Syracuse, F, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises
Abdi Salim, Syracuse, D, Religion
Noah Singelmann**, Syracuse, D, Economics
Buster Sjoberg**, Syracuse, D, Finance
Curt Calov, Syracuse, F, Undeclared in Arts & Science
Axel Ahlander, Virginia, M, Religious Studies
Triton Beauvois, Virginia, M, Arts & Sciences
Holden Brown**, Virginia, GK, Media Studies
William Citron, Virginia, D, Commerce
Albin Gashi, Virginia, M, Arts & Sciences
Phil Horton, Virginia, F, Media Studies
Moritz Kappelsberger, Virginia, D, Education
Daniel Mangarov, Virginia, M, Computer Science
Aidan O’Connor, Virginia, D, Foreign Affairs
Asparuh Slavov**, Virginia, M, Arts & Sciences
Andy Sullins, Virginia, F, Arts & Sciences
Michael Tsicoulias, Virginia, F, Arts & Sciences
Kome Ubogu, Virginia, F, Arts & Sciences
Andreas Ueland****, Virginia, D, Commerce
Jeremy Verley**, Virginia, M, Kinesiology
Paul Wiese, Virginia, D, Arts & Sciences       
Zayyan Ahmed, Virginia Tech, D, Commercial Development and Investment
Ethan Ballek, Virginia Tech, M, Business – Undecided
Will Cardona, Virginia Tech, M, Public Health
Welnilton Da Silva Jr., Virginia Tech, D, Sports Media and Analytics
Jack Dearie, Virginia Tech, D, Management
Carter Hensley, Virginia Tech, M, Business – Undecided
Cameron Joice, Virginia Tech, D, Human Development
Conor Pugh**, Virginia Tech, F, Economics
Declan Quill, Virginia Tech, M, Biology
Daniel Starr, Virginia Tech, F, Business Information Technology
Misei Yoshizawa, Virginia Tech, M, Sports Media and Analytics
Bo Cummins, Wake Forest, D, Undeclared
Hosei Kijima, Wake Forest, M, History
Chase Oliver**, Wake Forest, M, Economics
Ryan Fessler, Wake Forest, M, Undeclared
Oscar Sears, Wake Forest, M, Economics
Colin Thomas, Wake Forest, M, Communication
Garrison Tubbs***, Wake Forest, D, Finance

*denotes number of All-ACC Academic Team honors