Date: March 30, 2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio – No. 11 Virginia won five of 10 races at the B1G-ACC Saturday (March 30) at Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio. UVA won one of five races against No. 9 Michigan in the morning, but rebounded by claiming four of five wins against No. 12 Ohio State in the afternoon in its opening regatta of 2024.

The regatta was delayed in the morning session by stormy weather restarted under calmer conditions in the afternoon.

The Cavaliers topped the Wolverines 7:01.4-7:04.5 in the Third Varsity Eight for their lone win in the morning.

UVA responded in the afternoon by defeating the Buckeyes in the Varsity Eight (6:40.1-6:44.1), Second Varsity Eight (6:54.9-7:00.3), Second Varsity Four (7:58.1-8:08.5) and Third Varsity Eight (7:40.5-7:55.0).

“Tough racing today in Columbus,” Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer said. “Congrats to the 3V8 for winning both races and to the 2V4, 2V8 and V8 for responding to losses in the morning to Michigan with wins over Ohio State in the afternoon.”

The Cavaliers return to action by hosting the UVA Invite on April 13-14 at Lake Monticello.

B1G-ACC Dual Results
Saturday, March 30

No. 11 Virginia vs. No. 9 Michigan
3V8/1N8: 1. Virginia, 7:01.4, 2. Michigan, 7:04.5
2V4: 1. Michigan, 7:23.8, 2. Virginia, 7:28.7
V4: 1. Michigan, 7:44.8, 2. Virginia, 7:50.4
2V8: 1. Michigan, 6:53.9, 2. Virginia, 6:58.5
V8:1. Michigan, 6:53.5, 2. Virginia, 7:00.9

No. 11 Virginia vs. No. 12 Ohio State
3V8/1N8: 1. Virginia, 7:40.5, 2. Ohio State, 7:55.0
2V4: 1. Virginia, 7:58.1, 2. Ohio State, 8:08.5
V4: 1. Ohio State, 7:47.3, 2. Virginia 7:58.9
2V8: 1. Virginia, 6:54.9, 2. Ohio State, 7:00.3
V8: 1. Virginia, 6:40.1, 2. Ohio State, 6:44.1

Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Meagan Goldsmith, 7: Kate Kelly, 6: Eva Frohnhofer, 5: Lauren Benedict, 4: Skylar Morrison, 3: Lily Jarrett, 2: Elsa Hartman, Bow: Kelsey Gems

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Sophia Coppola, 7: Catherine Williams, 6: Izzie Bird, 5: Teagan Orth, 4: Stella Bittman, 3: Paige Loh, 2: Lila Henn, Bow: Kate McGee

Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Ashlyn McGinn, Stroke: Paris Miller, 7: Madeleine Agudelo, 6: Sarah Rapaglia, 5: Beatrice Jones, 4: Lily Bernero, 3: Katie Rapaglia, 2: Savannah Fox, Bow: Reilly Katz

Varsity Four: Coxswain: Chloe Lee, Stroke: Ailbhe O’Grady, 3: Kennedy Housley, 2: Sydney Fratamico; Bow: Caeley Tierney

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain: Emma Bradish, Stroke: Cameron Bentley, 3: Dylan Bentley, 2: Sheila Joyce; Bow: Helene Dimitrijev