BETHEL, Ohio – No. 14 Virginia concluded semifinal action at the 2024 NCAA Rowing Championship Saturday (June 1) at Harsha Lake in Bethel, Ohio.

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Four raced past ACC champion Duke in its C/D semifinal heat to advance to the C final tomorrow (June 2). UVA’s Second Varsity Eight placed sixth in its A/B semifinal and will race in the B final, while the Varsity Eight placed second in its C/D semifinal race and will compete in the C final.

UVA’s Varsity Four defeated Duke 7:18.181-7:20.856 in a great effort. Gonzaga (7:34.836), Northeastern (7:43.917) and Rhode Island (8:00.244) completed the top five.

The Cavaliers’ 2V8 placed sixth in its A/B semifinal race. Stanford won the heat at 6:22.455 followed by Texas (6:26.044), Tennessee (6:27.693), Michigan (6:31.644), Ohio State (6:37.541) and Virginia (6:38.400).

Virginia’s Varsity Eight was edged by Rutgers 6:27.395-6:27.684 in a C/D semifinal race. Gonzaga (6:36.947) placed third followed by Boston University (6:43.521) and SMU (6:46.753).

“I thought all three crews raced really hard today with four leading the way with a great win in their semi,” head coach Kevin Sauer said. “We will race as well and as hard as possible tomorrow to finish well.”

NCAA championship action concludes Sunday (June 2). UVA’s Varsity Four begin the action in C final at 8:24 a.m., followed by the Varsity Eight at 9:04 a.m., and Second Varsity Eight at 9:48 a.m. Live video is available on

Semifinal Results

Varsity Eight C/D Semifinal Heat Two
1. Rutgers, 6:27.395, 2. Virginia, 6:27.684, 3. Gonzaga, 6:36.947, 4. Boston, 6:43.521, 5. SMU, 6:46.753

Second Varsity Eight A/B Semifinal Heat One
1. Stanford, 6:22.455, 2. Texas, 6:26.044, 3. Tennessee, 6:27.693, 4. Michigan, 6:31.644, 5. Ohio State, 6:37.541, 6. Virginia, 6:38.400

Varsity Four C/D Semifinal Heat One
1. Virginia, 7:18.181, 2. Duke, 7:20.856, 3. Gonzaga, 7:34.836, 4. Northeastern, 7:43.917, 5. Rhode Island, 8:00.244

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Nora Grabcheski, Stroke: Lauren Jochims, 7: Catherine Williams, 6: Jenna Hajji, 5: Skylar Morrison, 4: Kate Kelly, 3: Eva Frohnhofer, 2: Kelsey Gems, Bow: Meagan Goldsmith

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain: Zoe Tekeian, Stroke: Sophia Coppola, 7: Cameron Bentley, 6: Lauren Benedict, 5: Paige Loh, 4: Izzie Bird, 3: Sheila Joyce, 2: Lila Henn, Bow: Kate McGee

Varsity Four: Coxswain: Emma Bradish, Stroke: Teagan Orth, 3: Lily Jarrett, 2: Sydney Fratamico; Bow: Kennedy Housley

Spares: Beatrice Jones, Riley Richardson, Chloe Lee