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Jan. 21, 2015

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Members of the 2015 Virginia softball squad will be sharing their thoughts on the upcoming season, how practice is going and much more. The Cavaliers open the season at the Kajikawa Classic in Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 5-7.

February 5 – Taylor Sarcone

Hi friends! I’m Taylor Sarcone, third-year outfielder. Very happy to be playing today in Arizona! Love me some sun. Luckily this year we weren’t forced to stay inside for practice as much and were able to get a lot done out on the field. As a team we’ve all been working so hard and are excited to start a great season today.

Since my third-year fall began (…what?…already?!), I’ve had an extremely positive outlook for the upcoming season. Now that it’s finally here, my teammates and I are really looking forward to seeing our work pay off. Personally, I’ve been working a lot in the outfield and focusing on my hitting, and gaining more speed.

As a team, I am confident that all of my sister-hoos have given 150% everyday and that they will continue to do so. We all have very high and exciting expectations for the season and we hope you will all come join us! IT’S GO TIME! WAHOOWA

February 4 – Kaitlin Fitzgerald

Hello ‘Hoos! My name is Kaitlin Fitzgerald and I am a second-year transfer student. I play third base and am from Southern California. I am so pumped to start playing!! This week is going to be great! I finally will be able to get back in the warm weather and see my family. This isn’t the first time I experienced an East Coast winter, but I don’t think I have ever practiced outside in such cold weather! Even though it can get below freezing temperatures (or even snow) while we practice it is great to get out on the dirt and not be stuck inside. The entire team has been working so hard for this upcoming season. Being able to see the results once we get on the field is going to be awesome.

Coming to Virginia has been such a wonderful experience. At first it was a little difficult to adjust to the tough academic environment but, luckily, I have great teammates who have helped me out. Everyone is so awesome here that I absolutely love this school!

The best part about the start of season is that our first day of games is on my birthday!! I will sadly no longer be a teenager but I can’t wait to see what this year ahead will bring. I am ready to start it off with a couple wins! Let’s go ‘Hoos!

February 3 – Brittany McNulla

Hey Hoos! My name is Brittany McNulla and I am a first year here at UVa. I am from New Hampshire where we got 30 inches of snow last week, so the weather here has been fantastic for me. Being on this team has made the transition from high school to college very easy. Our team works so well together with the mix of eight new teammates and eight returners. The first semester went by so fast that I can’t even imagine how fast this one will go by.

As the softball goes we have been hard at work over at the park. I personally have been working on my catching and hitting skills. As a team we have put numerous hours in refining the details and skills of the game. Our team is so competitive in practice while playing games and scrimmaging that I can’t wait to see how it transfers over to the games this week in Arizona. We have team, positional, and personal goals set to reach in each game. All of our hard work is going to pay off this week in sunny Arizona and for the rest of the season.

February 2 – Kinza Baad

Hi Hooville! Kinza Baad here. I’m a second-year outfielder from Washington, D.C. Only three more days till our season starts and I nor my teammates could be more excited. Today we had an off day filled with class, homework and preparations for missing a couple days of class this week. We are all so lucky that our professors are so willing to work extra with us to make sure we don’t fall behind. During the season, some of my professors videotape lectures I miss and send them to me. Another one even has breakfast with me once a week to go over course material! When we’re on the road, we all do our part in creating a serious study environment, whether it be on the bus, the plane or in the hotel lobby. That’s one thing I love about this team: we take full advantage of going to a place like UVa and therefore take our academics incredibly seriously.

We start up again tomorrow with a strength and conditioning session in the morning, and then one last practice in the afternoon before we head of to Arizona! It’s going to be an incredible year, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


February 1 – Madison Labshere

Hey Hoos! This is Madison Labshere and I am back for round two in this 2015 season! I am so excited to start the season and get things going! We have been preparing all fall and everyday since we have been back from Christmas break to beat up on some people this season.

The highlight for me so far this season has to be during this past week in practice….IT WAS SNOWING! That’s right I said it, snowing and you better believe when I tell you that we kept practicing! I’m telling you, this season we are not messing around and we are going to get things done! We are mentally prepared and have endured the rain, snow, winds and chills that the East Coast weather has thrown at us. On the plus side, it is going to make playing in Arizona next week that much more enjoyable!

Being a California native, my family will be able to come to the tournament in Arizona to watch me play! I am so excited! There will also be a lot of teams at the tournament with girls I have played with on them. That has to be one of my favorite parts about playing college softball and especially in these tournaments, well besides going out and showing the softball world what our team is bringing to the table this season of course! Being able to playing against your friends and celebrate all the friendships you have created over the years growing up is something I will always thank the game for. However, when we step on the field, its game on!

I hope to see ya’ll out at the field this season and wish us luck during this up coming week in Arizona!

Go Hoos!

January 31 – Lauren Heintzelman

Hey y’all! I’m Lauren Heintzelman, a first-year infielder that came from Southlake, Texas. I can’t believe that our first game is only four days away. It seems like just last month we were still having fall practices, and if I thought the fall went by quickly, I can only imagine how fast the season’s going to fly by. Getting used to college was a challenge at first I’ll admit, but I’m so lucky to have such awesome teammates to help me out! Believe me, with so many buildings on grounds, I’ve had to ask multiple times where things were.

Over the past couple of weeks of practice, I’ve been working my primary position, third base, and some at second as well. I think that my time spent playing at other positions really gives me a better insight on what every player on the field has to do. Yesterday, when we all did our PFPs (fundamental drills that we do at every practice), I got to catch during them instead! It had been a while since I had played the position, but Britt and KP (Katie), our two catchers, were great role models.

With our first game being so close, I am beyond excited to play with all of my teammates and help our team succeed! Thanks for reading y’all and have a great day. Go Hoos! 🙂

January 30 – Danni Ingraham

Hey Hoos!! I’m Dannielle Ingraham, but everybody calls me Danni or Queen Bee. I am a first year from Orange County, Calif., and I can’t wait for season to start. Today marks six days until the season starts! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to play with my teammates by my side. Ever since we started practicing in August, I have been counting down the days until we have our first games in Arizona. Next week, we take on some tough opponents, but we are all ready to get the job done. Our team has been working hard since day one to make an impact this year on the dirt. This year, we are all working towards achieving our own personal goals and team goals that we have set. I have all the confidence in the world in this team to accomplish our goals and have a successful season. This spring, we have been scrimmaging almost everyday at practice as well as working on the fundamentals of the game. Playing these scrimmages has made me realize that we are all ready to get on that dirt and play. I play first base, so I have been working on improving my game and improving upon the skills I already have. As for the hitting part, I will let the bat do the talking.

As a first year, things have been extremely different from sunny California. Last week we practiced while it was snowing, and I was definitely not prepared for that (it was 81 degrees in California that day). The change this year from practicing with a team twice a week to everyday has been an awesome experience that requires a lot of hard work. Balancing lift in the morning, class, practice, and homework hasn’t been easy, but with my teammates by my side, the transition has been smooth.

I can’t believe there is 6 days left until our first game, and, yes, I already checked the weather for Arizona (80 degrees). It’s going to be a great season #Hoooooooosssss!

Stay warm and see you out there!!!

January 29 – Senior Megan Harris

Hey Hoos! We are down to the last week before our season officially begins. The team is excited to head out to Arizona next week for some softball (and warmer weather). Fortunately, the weather has held off here, and we have been able to get in some good scrimmages. As we head into the last week, we are going to continue to work hard and prepare ourselves for everything to come. We all hope to see you at The Park for our season opener against Pittsburgh on February 28. Go Hoos!

January 28 – Freshman Andie Formby

Hey Hoos, I’m Andie Formby a first-year pitcher from southern California. We just finished practice outside, which was pretty cold, however I think it is fun because being from California I have never truly experienced a winter. It has been cold but bearable.

I cannot believe we are already starting games next week!!!! I am so excited to be traveling to Arizona to start our season off. Today at practice we went over our team and individual goals and it just made me that much more anxious to play. I think as a team we are looking very strong and I can’t wait to get going.

Hope to see you out at the Park!!! GO HOOS!

January 27 – Freshman Alex Formby

Hi everyone!!! I am Alex Formby, a first-year pitcher from California. I am so grateful this winter has taken it easy on us. The first time it got pretty cold outside I was going to 6 a.m. lift and did not realize, ‘hey it might actually be freezing outside and I decided to leave my jacket in my dorm’… lol, never again will I make that mistake. College definitely has a learning curve, but the memories and experiences are unforgettable.

The weather has been nice enough that we have been able to practice outside a lot! We are all mentally and physically very ready for season to come and accomplish big things this year. We have our goals set and I have 100% faith in my teammates that we will not stop working until we achieve them. You can see the determination in everyone and I am so excited and ready to see where we go with this season. I can’t wait to see you all at The Park!!

January 26 – Junior Aimee Chapdelaine

Hey Hoos, pitcher/outfielder Aimee Chapdelaine here. I get to write following our off day (no practice or lift today!) It’s crazy to think in a short week we will be on our way to Arizona for our first games of the 2015 season. As a team we look stronger and much more cohesive. As a unit we are flowing, meshing, and really coming together.

Everyday at practice everyone is giving it their all, people are making plays and selling out for the team. As a pitcher there is nothing that really pumps me up more than seeing your teammates sell out behind you. The passion and heart that we are seeing is really going to take us to the next level. I hope y’all are as pumped as I am to get going, it’s going to be an exciting year! See you at The Park in March.

January 25 – Sophomore Katie Park

Hey Hoos! I’m Katie Park, a second-year catcher and outfielder. Last year at this time we were stuck indoors for practice with the frozen tundra descending upon C-ville. Thank goodness that’s not the case this year! Since coming back from winter break, we’ve all put in a lot of hard work in the weight room as well as on the field. Simply put, we are definitely ready to start playing some games and competing!

With welcoming all the new faces this year, fall was extremely important to get to know each other on and off the field. Everyone worked their tails off, and I think I speak for the rest of the team when I say we are excided to show everyone just how hard we’ve worked.

I’m really looking forward to starting the season off in my home state of Arizona and bring a little Virginia softball out west to all the families we have out there.

The first home games are February 28th against Pittsburgh. Hope to see all you fans out at the Park!

January 24 – Sophomore transfer McKall Miller

Hey from Hooville!! My name is McKall Miller, and I am a middle infielder and a righty. Although I am a second year, this is my first year as a Cavalier! I am incredibly excited for my first season with my amazing teammates and equally great coaches! Life here in Charlottesville is very different than what I am used to, and I absolutely love it! I am truly grateful to be part of this amazing university, and athletic program!

Since being back in Charlottesville, we have wasted no time in getting back to work. Every day we are getting stronger, and more anxious to get the season started! There is a lot of anticipation and eagerness to play and show everyone how great we are. Nothing has stopped us from getting on the field, including yesterday’s snowfall during practice, because we know we have goals to achieve. All the hard work we have been putting in is leading up to February 5th and I can’t wait to show you all what we can do! See you in the spring! Go Hoos!!

January 23 – Sophomore Iyana Hughes

Iyana Hughes here and now a cool second-year outfielder, lefty hitter/slapper (watch out world). I’m so excited to be back on grounds after winter break, and get ready to play. Being back in action my team and I have been working hard every day ready to compete. During practice the team works very hard on hitting and always perfecting our PFP’s, our fundamental drills we work on every day (to make us mad pros).

Being from California I’m pretty excited about the weather here in Charlottesville and our ability to practice outside right now, seeing last year it was snowing. Our team has pushed each other during the fall and now it’s time to see all of our hard work pay off. The Arizona tournament is approaching faster than ever and a countdown is definitely in place.

I know with the team all being super close, this year will be a good change for the better. See you at the park!

January 22 – Freshman Allison Davis

Hey Hoos, I’m Allison Davis! I’m a first-year pitcher and middle infielder. After working all fall, it’s finally time to play and we are more than eager to get out on the field and compete. I think this is going to be a break-out season for the team. Everyone has been putting in 100% effort in order to prepare for the coming months.

With the number of returners and the number of newbies equally split, I think the team has really meshed well on and off the field. All of the returners have very positive attitudes and have been incredibly helpful to the first years as we continue to adjust to college life. Even though I have only been apart of the team for a short time, I feel like I’ve known these girls for a lot longer.

During the fall I was focused on recovering from an injury I acquired before coming to UVa. Like the rest of the girls, I worked hard all fall to improve my game. Now the patience has paid off and I’m excited to go compete for my team. I can’t wait to get my first season rolling and win some games. It’s going to be an intense spring Hoos! Hope to see you in the stands!

January 21 – Senior Heidi Velk

Hey everyone! I’m Heidi Velk, a fourth-year outfielder and left handed hitter/slapper. It is weird to hear myself say I’m a fourth-year. Three seasons have already come and gone and I’m ready to go out on an incredible year. With very few weeks left before the season kicks in, the team is ready and anxious to play. It is a great feeling coming back, knowing that the rest of my team has done what they needed in order to prepare for the season.

We had a long, hard fall, but a lot of work was put in. Half of the team is new so they had a lot of catching up to do. We are a very tight-knit group this year, so we are all excited to see what the result of that will be on the field. The dynamic of our team is a little different than years past, but its a good thing. We are all extremely focused and determined to succeed. It feels great to be a part of.

I’ve been working on coming to terms with this being my last season. The fall had its ups and downs, physically and emotionally, but I believe that I am prepared to give it my all this spring. I am excited to enjoy every moment out on that field with a team that I love. I am so blessed to be here at UVa with these girls. Come out and see us this spring!!

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