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Ross Burbank and David Dean will chat live at 10:30 a.m. on Wed., April 15.

Wahoo Central Chat with UVa’s Ross Burbank & David Dean

Virginia football center Ross Burbank and defensive tackle David Dean will chat live Wednesday, April 15 at 10:30 a.m.

The Cavaliers play their annual Orange-Blue game on Saturday at Scott Stadium. Gates open at 4 p.m. and the game starts at 6 p.m.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Good Morning. Welcome to today’s live Wahoo Central chat with defensive tackle David Dean and center Ross Burbank. We are going to get started.
Charles: What can we expect to see at the Spring Game on Saturday? Can’t wait!
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: I expect to see some new schemes and new players. I think you will see some new players that will become household names.
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: I agree, there are some new players that are stepping up this spring like Trent Corney. I like what I see from guys like Micah Kiser and Zach Bradshaw. The offense has made great strides as well. I think Saturday will be pretty competitive.
James: Ross – can you talk about having a new position coach this year? I thought this was a great unit last year. What can we expect this year?
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: Congrats to Coach Wach on a great opportunity to be a head coach at VMI. With Coach Borbs coming in he wants us to have a hard-nosed, high-motor type of group. That is what we are striving to be this spring. His mentality is rubbing off on the group in a positive way. We can expect to look at the success we had last year and build on it. We expect to be a more physical unit that can compete with anyone.
Jonny (Richmond): David – one word to describe coach Tenuta!
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: Intense.
K2 (CVille): Who could eat more in a buffalo wing eating contest between you two?
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: What are we taking about here? Boneless, bone in, breaded …?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: What are you talking about? It shouldn’t be any question that you should be able to crush it.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: You are probably right David. I have put down 50+ plus before. Wings are so good.
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: Yeah, if you don’t eat all day and go and eat just wings, no fries or anything else, 50 wings is very doable.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: So K2 its settled, I would win.
Jake: David and Ross, you both are big boys. Who would prevail in the Oklahoma drill if you guys squared off against each other?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: We don’t do the Oklahoma drill, but if we did and we went 10 times I win 6 out of 10 times.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: I respectfully disagree.
Brennan: Faster 40, Ross or David?!
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: Dean all the way. I am a distance runner and not a sprinter. Life is a marathon and not a sprint.
Ells (virginia beach): What is your favorite tradition in the UVA football program?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: For me its between the Wahoo Walk and running through the tunnel at Scott Stadium before a game.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: After a win, popping water bottles in the locker room and counting down our winning score. Then at zero throwing the water all around and jumping around.
Zack: David mentioned Corney earlier, you think he can be a fan favourite type this season? guy is a beast
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: Definitely … who wouldn’t love a jacked, 6-3 Canadian.
Ryan: David and Ross, I thought it was obvious the signs of improvement that the team showed last year. What would make 2015 a success in your eyes?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: Long term ACC Championship. Short term winning the game-by-game team goals we have, like for the defense playing mentally sharp. Forcing the offense to turn the ball over to us so we can help put our offense into a good position.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: An ACC Championship and as an offense we want to score a lot of points. We have been able to move the ball well at times, but haven’t always been able to score. Then we want to score TDs in the red zone instead of FG, sorry Ian Frye.
Charlie (Virginia beach): Ross any chance for you to tout the rock again like you did in your high school days?
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: I would love to carry the rock. The coaches need to see my high school tape where I scored touchdowns against First Colonial.
Charles: What is your favorite stadium to play in other than Scott? Can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday but also Sept. 12 vs. NOTRE DAME!
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: It was fun to travel to BYU last year. For me, it was more about the views outside the stadium. The mountains were beautiful.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: TCU in 2012 had an awesome atmosphere and a beautiful new stadium. Fans were into the game. Cox HS is a pretty cool stadium.
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: I am looking forward to going to the Rose Bowl this year to play UCLA.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: Yeah, that is going to be a good time at the Rose Bowl.
Mike: David if I recall you were a big baseball player in high school? Do you ever miss it and think about picking up the glove and bat again?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: I miss it all the time. I wish I could get back to it, but its been a long time since I picked up a bat. Right now its all slow pitch softball.
Jasper: Ross- you were a high school state champion heavy weight wrestler.. does this wrestling background help you in football? Do you miss wrestling? Could you pin Dean in the first period?
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: Yes he could pin me in the first period. I don’t doubt that at all.
10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: I miss wrestling. It taught me a lot on how to play with leverage and balance. It taught me how to deal with success and failure.

Jon (Nijmegen): These two questions are for Ross and David (respectively).

Ross: What will we as fans see as the biggest difference on offense this year. Could be a player, scheme, or just all round attitude?

David: We lost some highlight reel playmakers in E. Harold and M. Valles. How do you think we will replace their production (sacks/pressures…etc) and/or who will most likely this year have those sorts of plays?

Thanks for your great representation of the University.

10996006.jpeg spacer.gif Ross Burbank: Biggest difference on the OL is we will be healthier this year. We have experience, new schemes I can’t talk about. Our confidence is high.
10996028.jpeg spacer.gif David Dean: We lost a lot from last year that we will miss this year. A lot of experience and leadership is lost with guys like Henry Coley and Daquan Romero and Anthony Harris, in addition to Eli and Max. We have young guys who shadowed those players from last year and gained a lot of knowledge that they will take towards this coming year. With that, they will have the opportunity to be very successful and fans will be able to see similarities in the plays they make.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: That is all we have time for today. A big thank you to Ross Burbank and David Dean for stopping by Wahoo Central. Fans, see you out at Scott Stadium on Saturday for the Orange-Blue Spring Football Game. Gates open at 4 p.m. and the game starts at 6 p.m.
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