Aug. 27, 2016

Video: New Uniforms | Video: Changes to Game Day
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Charlottesville, Va. — The Virginia football program today announced new uniform combinations the Cavaliers will wear this season. The new designs include a blue jersey/white pant ensemble for home games, an alternative orange/white combination for home games, and an all-white kit for road contests.

Redesigned helmets include three center stripes and player numbers on the left side of the helmet.

First-year coach Bronco Mendenhall said the design and symbols reflect the University and the Cavalier program’s history.

“I love the idea of a football team and a football program representing an institution through how they play, but also how they look,” Mendenhall said. “What we wear I hope connects eras, but also the community to the eras where we can acknowledge the past but also look forward to a really, really bright future.”

Click Here to watch a video of Mendenhall explaining the new uniforms and the thought process that went into their designs.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the uniforms.

Sunday at, website writer Jeff White will outline details regarding the changes coming to UVA football this season.