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Jan. 7, 2018

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening Statement:
“I am just excited about the win and the 4-0 start to ACC play. The energy that the girls have had, just working hard each game and just really trying to focus on being in the moment as well as staying in the moment each and every day is what has gotten us to this point.”

On the winning streak:
“I think it started prior to Christmas break, going down to Florida and feeling really good about their rhythm and then coming back and playing Manhattan and coming back after Christmas and just kind of staying in a groove. We played a really tough non-conference schedule, which helped prepare us, and even though our record wasn’t what we wanted, I thought we got exposed and we got a lot of experience and we had a lot of grind to us. I feel like we have just been in the trenches for so long. We have a lot of injured people back and I think that their rhythm has been very good thus far. I think that there has been a lot of maturity this year, especially since going down to Florida and just being more responsible. I think we have made great adjustments at games and I think the girls really follow through on that. I think the keys of the games they’ve been really honing in on and one of the biggest things we always talk about is our effort and attention to detail. I feel like we have been more consistent this year with that.”

On past seven games changing her opinion of the team:
“I never thought that we were out of what our goals were to begin with. I think if we had played a very poor non-conference schedule that might not have been the same. I just really feel that we challenged ourselves, and for the right reasons, to be in a situation that we are here now.

On the team’s potential when Jocelyn [Willoughby] is playing well:
“You know somebody said to me after the game today, you never know who is going to be your leading scorer. That is one of the great things about us. I think, like Jocelyn [Willoughby] said, she’s put in a lot of work and sometimes for shooters, it is a mental game, you can get in a little bit of a slump. I think she has really worked hard to get herself to where she is and the balance that we have going in, you just never know. I think that is the thing that is making us pretty efficient and staying in games. We been “on” on the defensive end of the floor and we have done a decent job of rebounding the ball and on any given night we are typically having two or three people in double figures, which has been great.”

On key for defensive pressure:
“We hope to play like that all the time. Sometimes we can get to the buzz and make adjustments to get us going and trapping. When we can get easy offense out of that, I think the girls just love playing in it and get excited about it. It is something we try to do more often than not. They understand the defensive end of the floor for us is a must, each and every game. We just want to keep getting better and better. As the year has gone on, there are certain lineups that the buzz works with. I love being able to put Jocelyn [Willougbhy] at the top, she is great at the back but it looks a lot different when she gets to be at the top. That happens when we get the sub and bring in JB [J’Kyra Brown], who has a little bit more size. There are certain lineups that make it look really good. I think tonight when you saw a lot of the trapping and steals, Joc was probably at the top of that at some point.”

On Felicia Aiyeotan‘s progression:
“She hasn’t even scratched the surface of her potential. On the defensive end, obviously blocks are a natural thing for her. Tim [Taylor] and La’Keshia [Frett Meredith] have worked closely with her on finishing. I think Fe’s mindset, establishing herself down on the block and understanding we want to get her the ball. I want the defense to have to worry about her on every possession and that is where we want to get to. She has done a great job and, like all the girls, she gets in extra work and works really hard with coach Frett to get a lot of shots up. You look at her hook shot and some of the moves she has now, she is finishing better this year. I think it is her building her confidence and understanding we want to get her touches every time down the floor if possible, whether it is to shoot it or make a decision for someone else. On the defensive end, it is to continue being a presence and I think she can be an even greater presence for us. She has had four double-doubles in these recent games. I think it is her confidence and she puts in a lot of extra time.”

Senior Forward Lauren Moses
On preparing for a team that has a turnover problem:
“I think going into each game we are really focused on ourselves and the team and just making sure that we are getting better every day, especially in practices so that it carries over. Our defense is something that we really pride ourselves on and just making sure that we are aggressive, no matter who we are playing.”

Sophomore Guard Jocelyn Willoughby
On having a big scoring game for the first time in a while:
“I think, honestly, just my mindset. The past few games I have been passive and hesitant and not quite looking to be aggressive. Just talking to the coaches, it is all mental for me, looking to score, looking to make the right plays and I think that was ultimately the change. I put in the work, I get up extra shots every day, but just knowing that in the game to take my shot and look for that, that was probably the biggest difference for me.”

On key for defensive pressure:
“As a player, I think being able to change defense and keep opposing players on their toes is great for us. Just our energy and effort for us when we are locked in and communicating, personally there is nothing better than seeing the other team confused and a little fear in there eyes. That is what happens when we change our defenses, when we are all locked in. It definitely helps us to get turnovers and we convert those to points.”

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