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Feb. 15, 2018

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening Statement:
“Just a hard game. They’re number two team in the country with a high-powered offense. I’m just disappointed that we’ve gotten ourselves into a little bit of a routine with being one type of team in one half and being a totally different type of team in the second half. That has happened in three or four of our last games. We need to change that moving forward. Every team is playing for something moving forward and we have to get back to being consistent with the things we do and do well.”

On quality of competition:
“Every team in the ACC is tough. But we were more consistent earlier in the season. I feel like now we are two different teams in halves. I know we’re playing really quality teams but I feel like we’re kind of tip toeing into games in one half and exploding and playing a completely different style with confidence in the other half.”

On importance of late season games:
“They’re all important. We have four games and I said to the team, everybody is playing for something. Notre Dame is playing for a number one seed, everybody is playing for something. When Miami is coming in here, they’re playing for something. We are all playing for something, for what is postseason and you have to position yourself and so every single game matters. What if we could have knocked them off, now maybe you’re talking about a home site and a double by in the ACC. There is so much to be playing for and we just talked about, are we just trying to this or are we trying to do this and if we are trying to do this then the consistency of what we are doing right now, that has got to change. We have to be similar half teams, obviously the better half, and there is no reason we cannot be. We just have to be tougher in some situations and get back to what we do well and that is playing defense and sitting down and focusing on getting stops so that we have easier offense.”

Senior Forward Lauren Moses

On Notre Dame’s 20-2 run at the start of the game:
“As a player, just making sure that we’re staying mentally in the game. At times, you can wander and start thinking negative thought. I think it’s more about just encouraging them. We prepared for this game, we prepared for this team. We know their plays, it’s not like they did anything spectacular or out of their norm. So just making sure that we get back to our game and our defense which we pride ourselves.”

On Scoring1000 points:
“It’s a nice feeling. I definitely wish we could have gotten the W but it goes to my teammates for getting me the ball. I mean I’m a post player so it’s not like I’m dribbling the ball down the court. So just spotting me when I’m open.”

On importance of NCAA tournament bid:
“That’s on the front of my mind all of the time. We just have to keep it on the forefront of our mind, if that is our goal then we have to make sure that we talk about it every day, that we go into practice knowing what we are fighting for in practice, knowing what we are fighting for before every game. And we just have to fight for it with each other, and just make sure that we play as hard as possible every single play and value possessions and value practices. Show up to practice every day and know that we need to get better this practice and we need to get better to prepare for our next game. This season has been very important for me, I just want to go out on a string of consistent and strong wins.”

Sophomore center Felicia Aiyeotan

On what changed in the second half:
“I don’t think anything was necessarily different, I was just trying to be open and be available for my teammates and see what I can do with the ball. Obviously, I turned the ball over a lot but you learn your lesson. I try to be open as much as possible for my teammates.”

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