May 25, 2018

SARASOTA, Fla. – No. 7 Virginia advanced three boats to the A/B semifinals on the first day of the NCAA Rowing Championships Friday (May 25) at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Fla.

The Cavaliers’ Second Varsity Eight won its Friday morning heat, while the Varsity Four placed second. Virginia’s Varsity Eight won its Friday afternoon repechage to join the 2V8 and V4 in the A/B semifinals.

“Great to have all three boats advance,” Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer said. “Awesome response by the Varsity Eight after not doing as well as we’d like that last 650 meters or so this morning. They responded in a good way this afternoon. The 2V had a great race with Texas and then the V4 had a great race with Texas on the other end, like a prize fight. We’re pretty happy overall with today’s performance.”

In Friday morning heats, UVA’s Second Varsity Eight moved on to Saturday’s A/B semifinals by edging Texas 6:31.282-6:31.677 in a hotly-contested race. Princeton placed third (6:39.082) followed by Indiana (6:45.149), Rhode Island (7:00.136) and Jacksonville (7:25.831).

The Longhorns held off the Cavaliers in the Varsity Four 7:13.275-7:14.402 in another close race. Washington State (7:28.272) place third followed by Princeton (7:33.610), Northeastern (7:47.837) and Rhode Island (8:04.225).

After a three-hour weather delay due to lightning, UVA’s Varsity Eight rallied after 500 meters to top runner-up Yale 6:12.819-6:14.307. Wisconsin finished third at 6:18.989, while Washington State (6:19.642), Gonzaga (6:23.654), UCF (6:25.209) and Jacksonville (6:46.649) rounded out the heat.

In other Friday morning racing, UVA’s Varsity Eight (6:25.548) placed third in its heat behind California (6:15.891) and Michigan (6:22.198). Indiana (6:37.616), Northeastern (6:46.903) and Jacksonville (7:07.441) finished fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

NCAA championship action concludes Saturday (May 26) with the semifinals beginning at 7:30 a.m. and the finals beginning at 2 p.m. Virginia’s first race will be the Varsity Eight’s semifinal at 7:30 a.m., followed by the Second Varsity Eight (7:54 a.m.) and Varsity Four (8:02 a.m.).

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Friday Morning Results
Varsity Eight Heat Three
1. California, 6:15.891; 2. Michigan, 6:22.198; 3. Virginia, 6:25.548; 4. Indiana, 6:37.616; 5. Northeastern, 6:46.903; 6. Jacksonville, 7:07.441.

Second Varsity Eight Heat Three
1. Virginia, 6:31.282; 2. Texas, 6:31.677; 3. Princeton, 6:39.082; 4. Indiana, 6:45.149; 5. Rhode Island, 7:00.136; 6. Jacksonville, 7:25.831.

Varsity Four Heat Four
1. Texas, 7:13.275; 2. Virginia, 7:14.402; 3. Washington State, 7:28.272; 4. Princeton, 7:33.610; 5. Northeastern, 7:47.837; 6. Rhode Island, 8:04.225.

Friday Afternoon Repechage
Varsity Eight Heat One
1. Virginia, 6:12.819; 2. Yale, 6:14.307; 3. Wisconsin, 6:18.989; 4. Washington State, 6:19.642; 5. Gonzaga, 6:23.654; 6. UCF, 6:25.209; 7. Jacksonville, 6:46.649.

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Izzi Weiss; Stroke: Heidi Long; 7: Emily Ashton; 6: Jane Hudson; 5: Georgia Gray; 4. Sophie Pennoyer; 3: Ellie Stewart; 2: Ali Zwicker; Bow: Alice Darry

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Adi Hendlin; Stroke: Isabella Strickler; 7: Reilly White; 6: Christina Berchtold; 5: Anna Fairs; 4: Alex Slabbert; 3: Martine van den Boomgaard; 2: Morgan Rosts; Bow: Carrie Warner Varsity Four
Coxswain: Maria Zeris; 4: Star Davidson; 3: Hannah Watson; 2: Toni Wiersma; Bow: Mary Beth Greer