By: Matt Riley
You see moments captured on camera all around you. Whether it be in magazines, advertisements, online or even on social media. Usually when you think of football players, they are the ones being photographed, but third-year running back PK Kier was curious what it was like be the one capturing the moments.
“I like getting photos taken, but I’ve never taken the photos, so it was a different perspective that I just wanted to try out and have fun with,” Kier said. “I want to go into marketing and photography is a part of that. I’m interested in branding and helping to promote a brand and work behind the scenes so that was good experience.”
In between signing autographs at the annual Meet the Team Event at Scott Stadium, Kier asked team photographer Matt Riley if he could teach him to take photos one day. As the event ended, Riley handed Kier a camera and let him take over for a while to see what he could do.
Kier took the camera and his fellow running backs flocked together for an impromptu photo shoot. Kier was stunned how fast the camera clicked when he hit the button as his friends posed in front of the lens.
A few days later, with the permission of head coach Bronco Mendenhall, Kier was back behind the camera assisting athletic director for media relations Jim Daves in getting some behind the scenes photos during camp. Kier took photos of his teammates after practice, at a team bowling event and doing various activities around Grounds and in the football facilities.
“It was fun, everybody saw I had the camera and they were automatically ready to take pictures,” Kier said. “It was way harder than I thought. I hit a button and I didn’t know what happened. It’s actually pretty hard to take pictures so I have a different appreciation for people able to get pictures on the move.”
Working behind the scenes is something Kier enjoys, but the 6-0 foot, third-year Winchester, Va., native is ready to get out in front of the cameras and out on the field with his teammates.
“I’m so excited to compete and get out there with my brothers,” Kier said. “We trained so hard in the offseason so it’s fun to get out there and compete against someone else when the lights go on.”
Kier and his fellow running backs will also have a different perspective this season as backfield stalwart Jordan Ellis graduated. Ellis accounted for over 1,000 yards and a bulk of the carries the last two seasons but Kier thinks the Cavaliers have the weapons in the backfield to help the team be successful.
“We have a lot of good, talented athletes with different styles,” Kier said. “I know we have to earn everything and work hard for it, but I think as a team we can win a lot this year. We are excited to get to work, this team is special.”
Not only is the group talented, but they also genuinely enjoy one another and want the group to succeed as a whole.
“I think the chemistry and bond we have is the most exciting thing,” Kier said. “We all are so tight with each other. We talk to each other likes brothers. It’s a different feeling, it’s more of a brotherhood than a team. We like to have fun together away from football.”
Kier noted that he is one of the guys that likes to keep things light and everybody loose. He often brings humor to the team, which is one of the reasons he liked being behind the camera.
“People can let their personality out, so when that click starts going fast you’ve got to have fun with it and be ready to go,” Kier said.
It is that attitude that truly inspires the rest of the team around him. Not only in his photoshoots but encouraging everyone to find the fun in football and in life. Kier and the Hoos are certainly ready to go and play in front of the fans at Scott Stadium.
“Scott Stadium is home,” Kier said. “There’s no better feeling than getting to play football with your brothers while being supported by such an electric fan base.”