Postgame quotes from Tina Thompson and Amandine Toi

UVA Coach Tina Thompson Quotes

Opening Statement:

“Definitely not the outcome that we wanted. We went into this game knowing exactly what kind of game it was going to be like. I felt we fell a little bit to the pressures of the game and not executing, not defending in the way that we needed to be in this game and be competitive. We had flashes when we kind of stuck to our scheme and we executed and we were able to give ourselves a chance to get back in it, but I will say not just this game, but in our first three games, it’s the inconsistencies that has been a problem for us and we have to find a way to be a lot more consistent.”

On the specific challenges UCF created:

“They were being themselves. I mean, they play a three-two matchup zone that they have played for a really, really, long time, it is what they are known to do and be. They are a scrappy team, they play aggressively, they do not give in, and they play a 40-minute game. In order to be in the game with him, you have to match that energy.”

On finding a positive take-away:

“There are some positives. When we do execute, we are successful. When we are aggressive and everyone is working together and working cohesively in our defensive schemes and we’re sticking to them, then we have the opportunity to make people uncomfortable or the ability to make them uncomfortable and do things that that they don’t want to do. In this game when you can do that you create turnovers, you force teams, or players, to take bad shots. We’ve proven at times that we could do that we just have not done it consistently.

Virginia Player Quotes

Guard Amandine Toi

On getting out to a hot start:

“I think I’ve been trying to get my rhythm back. I think I’ve been rushing a lot lately and going into the game I was trying to breathe and take my best shot, and try to make it. I had other looks that I think I will feel more comfortable getting them, they didn’t go in but I think I’m getting to get my rhythm back. My teammates trust me to make them, so I just have to work harder to make those shots.” 

On what the team is focusing on going forward:

“I think being consistent. I think we showed tonight that we can play our best defense and actually pressure people. I think we need to work on being consistent in pressuring people, being aggressive, and executing. I think going into California we need to be executing our schemes perfectly, so I think we can work on that in practice.”