Head Coach Tina Thompson

Opening Statement:

“It’s definitely good to get a win, a mark in the win column, we’ve kind of been chasing one for a little bit. I’m really excited for our kids in the sense that they had a different kind of bounce to them tonight and a different focus as far as our execution, our defensive schemes, as well as offensively. We are working and we know that we’re a work in progress and it’s gonna take a lot of attention to detail and a consistent high level of work. Each day, we’re improving, and I’m just really excited for them.”

On outscoring William and Mary 32-12 in the paint:

“It was definitely a part of our game plan. Our size was an advantage for us. So we definitely wanted to take advantage of that at any moment that we could, but also be conscious that they’re aware of our size. So, we made smart plays when they were double teaming, making sure that we were kicking the ball out on the weak side and just getting good, solid shots.”

On the lessons the team will take away tonight:

“We can guard multiple actions. In the games before this, we were guarding the first and second part of plays, but then teams were getting us on third and fourth action. So we were conscious about knowing that William and Mary are a very good shooting team and you can’t allow them to have daylight. It was important for us to stick to our schemes. We were chasing everyone and our post players had to step up and help and not allow them to get good looks at the basket. Very, very, very good lesson for us in that it’s some of the stuff that we’ve been talking about, that we have the ability to do. Sometimes you have to see it happen, and once you see what you’re capable of it the vision is a lot clearer.”

Guard Amandine Toi:

On getting a win in front of the home crowd:

“It feels great. I think we’ve been working hard to actually get a win at home. I know the fans are supporting us and coming to our games, so I think even for them it’s like a reward kind of, but it’s also the work that we put in for them. I’m really happy, I hope they are happy for us too. I feel like we work for them because they were actually supporting us the whole game.”

Forward Camryn Taylor:

On how it feels to get a double double and what was working well tonight:

“It kind of felt like a ‘finally,’ almost because I’ve been trying to do well for my team. I know I can be a great rebounder and it leads to great things; fast breaks, and things like that. Just knowing what can come out of that for the group, I feel like it shows. I think moving forward that’s a goal of mine, to do better on the boards and also for the group because it leads to good things.”