Head Coach Tina Thompson

Opening Statement:

“We started off the game being really intentional and being specific about what we were doing and kind of sticking to schemes. We had a lull in that second quarter that dug a little hole for us and from that point on it was a little tough for us to get out of it. Our execution was not great offensively and against a team like NC State, the number four team in the country, you have got to be able to score, you can’t just get stops. I thought we played well defensively for a good amount of time. But with getting stops, you also have to be able to score, to put pressure on them as well and we didn’t do that consistently tonight.”

On being able to control the pace and score more at home:

“A little bit of both. Anytime you play against a team that has the ability to score the way that they do, you have to make them uncomfortable and you have to take away the things that they do well. In the beginning of the game we did that, we did a lot of trapping, we did a lot of doubling in the post to just kind of make them have to make second and third passes and not allow them to play one on one at any point. As the game progressed we stopped doing those things and they started getting comfortable. With the number four team in the country, when they’re comfortable and they’re allowed to do the things that they do well, it’s gonna be hard to stop them.”

On the frustrations of navigating COVID-19 protocols this season:

“I think a couple of swear words would probably put it together nicely but I’m gonna refrain from saying that. It’s been a little tough, anytime you’re in the middle of the season and you have to take weeks off. Before our Georgia Tech game, the last game that we played was December 19th. We had maybe three practices, two practices as a full team and then one practice with the majority of our team, and then going into a game. It’s tough, but the reality is and it’s what I tell our kids, everybody in the country is facing something similar to us. So what we can’t do is make excuses and the reality is that it’s not just something that we’re experiencing. All programs are experiencing it and at the end of the day, we have to show up.”

Guard, Amandine Toi:

On the team navigating through COVID-19 again this year:

“It’s been tough. We’ve been trying to adjust and get back to the rhythm of playing games and practicing as a full team. We’ve got some players back so we’re just trying to get back to the rhythm. Everybody is facing it so we just have to push through and keep on getting better every day and just work hard.”