Atlantic Coast Conference Women’s Basketball Championship

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wake Forest 61, Virginia 53

TINA THOMPSON: Really tough one for us. We felt like we controlled the game for most of the game. We had a really tough fourth quarter where we were having problems executing as well as missing a few assignments defensively.

I’m proud of my team. It’s really, really tough to kind of have the bumps that we’ve had during the season but continue to show up and continue to fight.

We just wish that this one would have ended a little differently. I kind of feel like we ran out of time.

Q. Coach or any of the players, you were in the game tonight to close the season. You were kind of getting better toward the end of the year. Can you take anything away from this positive from the long haul the last couple of weeks, the way it ended?

TINA THOMPSON: Yes, I mean, we’ve been working kind of fighting all year to just find chemistry as well as be consistent in our schemes, and like I said, our kids have continued to show up every day and work and try to apply the things that we’ve been giving them.

At the end of the season, it was starting to come together for us, and we were gaining confidence, you know, in the things that we were doing, our schemes and execution offensively, and just kind of fell a little short.

Of course in hindsight, we could say that we wished that we would have kind of turned that corner a little earlier and maybe our season would be a little different, but we had opportunities to do so. But I’m glad that it came together when it did, but it allows us to see what is possible moving forward.

Q. The fourth quarter again, just a tough stretch. Seems like last time you played Wake, the fourth quarter again — was there anything that they did that stopped you from finishing?

TINA THOMPSON: Well, we like to score in the paint and we like to get to the basket, and they did a really good job of clogging up the paint and trying to keep us out of it. Some of it was us, as well, and our decision making and our execution, and maybe at points trying to force things.

Q. After not playing in this tournament last year, how good did it feel to be able to have the opportunity to play here in Greensboro in the ACC Tournament?

AMANDINE TOI: It feels good. It was not my first time, so coming back to Greensboro was a good feeling. It’s always good to come here and compete. You know, it’s one game you win, you stay, one game. I think the stakes are higher so you play harder. It was really great to come back to this tournament.

LONDON CLARKSON: Yeah, I would definitely agree with Dine. This is also my second time being here, and I think it was great for me kind of playing here the first time really on the court for a while to get that experience moving forward. I hope that next time we come here, we take it further and just do our best.

Q. London, I know that it was a tough day today, but you’ve really finished the season strong. How have these last few games felt for you out there on the court?

LONDON CLARKSON: For me, they’ve been like kind of tough, obviously, just because I feel like a lot of us were all really working hard, and so when the outcome isn’t the way we want, it can be tough.

But as far as working, I think just keep working every day as hard as you can, and that’s how I’ve been dealing with it.

Q. I think it’s only appropriate for the last question to be for you, Amandine. This is the end of a very storied and great career. How did it feel out there? Really just a little bit of a reflection looking back on Senior Day? What are some of your thoughts about having played with the Virginia on your chest these last years?

AMANDINE TOI: I’ve been grateful. I’ve been back from injuries. Not every coach could trust a player coming back from two injuries, put them in that position, give them so many responsibilities. I’m really thankful for this program.

I gave everything I could give to this program, and I will always be thankful for being a part of the Virginia family.

I wish I could have given more, and I think that’s how I am as a person, but I’m really happy about this journey and thankful. I hope this program will take it further because with the work that we do, we deserve it.