Head coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton, Camryn Taylor and Mir McLean

Opening Statement:
“I’m very proud of our team and how we played. We talked a lot about being consistent and just locking into the game plan, no matter if we are up by forty or if it’s a tied game. I’m happy to see that we did that one through eleven. This is the first game all year that we’ve had all eleven people out there, even in practice. It felt great to have our whole team and the energy that they brought.”

On scoring 100 points:
“If you can score 100 points, that’s awesome, especially at home; for the fans, everybody. I’m not saying I was dead focused on that, but when it happened, there was a lot of joy behind it. It shows what kind of team we have and the versatility we have. We have a lot of scorers and everybody’s kind of buying into their roles. We can get 100 points when we do that.”

On the second quarter and leading:
“I think our pace picked up as the game went on and sharing the ball. We ended up with twenty-two assists, so that’s a really good number. You know, sharing the ball, running our stuff, executing, using screens, being disciplined, on both sides of the ball, our pace picks up when we get defensive stops. That’s always been the emphasis and I thought we did a good job of sticking to the game plan and understanding what needed to do and how we could blow up their offense.”

On the team and where they are:
“I like where we are. Obviously, it’s early and we are still evolving, but I like that we are getting better every game. I thought we got better from last game today, especially defensively. We have just got to continue to take it one day at a time; progress is the process. Wake is an ACC game, we understand the importance of it, but it’s really just the next game on our schedule. I don’t care who it is, we are always going to prepare the same way. Like I tell the players, confidence comes from preparation. We just pride ourselves on being ready.”

Junior Guard Mir McLean
On her feelings coming back to the court
“It felt great, honestly. I’ve been sitting and watching for a little bit in practice and then obviously the first game. But I was really excited to get back. My teammates have been encouraging me this whole week and prepping me for it. It did take a little bit for me to get used to the splint that you all saw me wearing. I’m still struggling with that but my teammates helped me a lot with my confidence.”

On the changes from last season to this season under Coach Mox
“I was kind of nervous after the coaching change, but I’m really blessed to have coach Mox and her staff. It was a lot of changing at a time that I wasn’t prepared for it, but I’m really glad that coach Mox came in and took us under her wing.”


Senior Forward Camryn Taylor
On the feeling of scoring over 100 points tonight
“100 points is great. Coming from a place where you’re very offensive oriented and we’ve worked really hard on defense. So, seeing the fruition of what we have in practice and how much we’re working in the weight room and our individuals, things like that. We’re watching film all the time. So, it’s great to see the production of it.”

On the goal of scoring 100 points helping keep the team focused
“We saw (the score) was creeping up there. It was like, ‘Okay, we’ve got 80, we’ve got this much time. Let’s see if we can get 90.’ Then we got 90 and it was like, “Alright we’ve got 90 and this much time left. Let’s see what we can do.’ It was great to see everybody out there having fun. Our freshmen were really putting up a lot of good plays. (Cady Pauley) had some good minutes. (Yonta Vaughn) also had some great minutes. So just seeing the fruition of everything that we’ve been working on is really good.”