Head coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton after an emotional win at Loyola Chicago

I am just incredibly proud of our group. Our family. This was difficult. Our community’s hurting. Our university is hurting. Our athletic department is hurting. Our football team is hurting. All those student-athletes and our players. We had several players that were very close to those three amazing young men and just for us to have the courage to come out here and compete and band together and fight through adversity is very inspiring.

“It’s just so fresh. It just happened. It affects so many. It definitely was affecting our players. I mean, they were emotional in warm-ups. They were emotional all day, but they wanted to play. So I stood behind them. I wanted them to be able to make that decision and they wanted to play to honor them. And I think they did that tonight.”

“The first half was hard. You know, we were kind of up and down. We were very emotional. We just weren’t really focused. I’s hard to think sometimes when you have that much emotion running so second half, we calmed down a little bit we refocused on the game plan. Went over a few things and we were able to come out and execute that which gave our team energy and then once we had energy, we kind of started flowing from there.”

On what she said to the team post game
“I just told them how incredibly proud I am. And you know, our family is something special. I love this family. I just told them that it took a lot of courage for them to come out and play. And to band together like that and just fight through adversity. I just couldn’t be more proud than I am and I just told him I love them. I told each and every one. there was a lot of tears in there. all of us were shedding tears. Coaches afterwards and staff we were all hugging the players and just let them know that they’re not alone and that we love them. We love this family we’re gonna get through this together, it’s not going to be just a flip of the switch, but we’re gonna get through this together.”