Head coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton, Camryn Taylor and Mir McLean

Post-Game Press Conference – Nov. 26 vs Minnesota

Head Coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton

“That was a fun one! Just proud of our group. I think we’re learning how to win in so many different ways, whether we’re down in some part of the game, or we are blowing somebody out, or it’s a tight game like today where every possession matters down the stretch. I was happy to see that defense brought us over the hump there at the end. Kaydan Lawson made some really good plays, but everybody was locked into the defensive side. And that’s something that we’ve been getting better and better at. So I’m really proud of our group.” 

On the offense being spurred by defense

“I thought it was good. I mean, when you look at the stat sheet, we gave up 70 points. That’s kind of a lot of points. But if you were actually watching the game, we had key stops. We had runs that were predicated on how we were playing on the defensive side of the ball. So I thought it was really good. You know, obviously, you’re gonna have some breakdowns and it is never gonna be a perfect game, but we locked in and those runs helped us. It’s not just the plays at the end of the game. We went on a run in the first half and we went on a run in the second half. It was all because we got stops. Rebounding and was able to push and get into offense. So it’s something that we just got to keep working on. I think we’ve come leaps and bounds since beginning of the season. And it’s so great. We can learn lessons through wins.”

Senior forward Camryn Taylor

On Getting a Steal with Seven Seconds Remaining
“Defensively, we’re always working on gaps, just making sure we are where we’re supposed to be. She was on the left side of the court. I was supposed to be in my gap so I was there and I was up on her, trying to get a hand on her and stop her. Then boom. That player, on our scouts, really liked to get down hill and get some shots off. I was like, alright, well, If I can get it, I can get it and make a play.”

On her Offensive Game
“Offensively you know, I was gonna get touches but I mean, we’ve got how many assists today? 21? 20 assists? So I think just getting a lot of those dump downs moving the ball was allowing me to get open. You know, Sam was hitting shots that open the floor for me a little bit more too. Driving and kicking the ball. A lot of people were caught really crashing on [Taylor Valladay] a lot so you know, there was a point in time where she was able to dump it down to me. I think Mir, she dumped it down too. Just moving the ball a lot and kind of getting those garbage points was really beneficial.

Junior Forward/Guard Mir McLean

On her 15 rebounds tonight

“I’m coming off the thumb surgery so I’m still getting comfortable with my right hand again. But I think that’s just a testament to mentality. We needed a lot more rebounds than we do any other night. This is a big game for us. So I think that just pursuing the basketball was was what I was interested in tonight.