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May 28, 2016

GOLD RIVER, Calif. – The third-ranked Virginia rowing program advanced all three boats to the grand finals during the second day of the NCAA Championships Saturday (May 28) on Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif.

Virginia placed first in its Varsity Four semifinal, and added a pair of third-place finishes in the Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight semifinal heats. California and Ohio State joined the Cavaliers as the three schools to advance each of its three boats to the grand finals on Sunday (May 29).

“All three boats in the finals means we’re right in the hunt,” UVA assistant coach Josh Gautreau said. “It’s a good step for the program to make today, so we’re going to see what we can produce tomorrow. I think the big story of today is that all three boats across the board made a big step from yesterday to today.”

UVA won its Varsity Four semifinal in 7:12.272. Ohio State placed second at 7:13.784 followed by Stanford at 7:14.008. Yale, Wisconsin and Indiana placed fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. Washington (7:06.693), Cal (7:09.186) and Michigan (7:12.151) claimed the other three berths in the Varsity Four grand final.

The UVA Varsity Eight advanced to the grand final with a third-place finish its semifinal. Cal (6:19.800) won the heat, followed by Ohio State (6:21.548) and Virginia (6:21.968), Michigan, Wisconsin and Syracuse. In the other V8 semifinal, Stanford (6:18.911), Brown (6:19.515) and Princeton (6:19.550) claimed the other three berths in the V8 grand final.

UVA’s Second Varsity Eight placed third in its semifinal in 6:25.896, behind Ohio State (6:21:901) and Texas (6:25.035). Brown, Michigan and Wisconsin rounded out the top six. Cal (6:21.390), Washington (6:24.020) and Princeton (6:29.026) gained the final three positions in the 2V8 grand final.

Grand final action on Sunday begins with the Varsity Four at 1:12 p.m. ET, followed by the Second Varsity Eight at 1:36 p.m. and Varsity Eight at 2 p.m.

Virginia Lineups — Saturday, May 28, 2016
Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Colette Lucas-Conwell; Stroke: Tessa Dikkers; 7-Seat: Georgia Ratcliff; 6-Seat: Eliza Spilsbury; 5-Seat: Heidi Long; 4-Seat: Erin Briggs; 3-Seat: Jennifer Reid; 2-Seat: Alice Darry; Bow: Sam Casto

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Izzi Weiss; Stroke: Ellen Pate; 7-Seat: Marijane Brennan; 6-Seat: Allie Nicholson; 5-Seat: Jane Hudson; 4-Seat: Maxime Lubbers; 3-Seat: Chelsea Adams; 2-Seat: Mackenzi Sherman; Bow: Hannah Solis-Cohen

Varsity Four
Coxswain: Rachel Dick; Stroke: Karen Schulte; 3-Seat: Taylor Leonard; 2-Seat: Morgan Rosts; Bow: Jo Gurman