Oct. 29, 2016

by Colin Thielsch

Individuals are frequently encouraged to embrace their uniqueness. Few apply this mantra in the fashion Dylan Sims has.

After being slotted as a defensive lineman when he first started playing football, Sims moved to the kicker position during middle school and soon found success. Most of all, Sims relished the moments when the lights shined the brightest.

“When I am kicking, for that one second, all eyes are on me,” he said. “It is a thrill that I really like. I strive under pressure, remember that I have done this a million times, and enjoy it.”

The desire to be a spotlighted individual in a team setting is something Sims wants to continue to pursue when he wraps up his kicking career this fall.

“I have always told myself that I want to find a job similar to kicking, where not everyone does it, but there are a select few that are really good at it,” he said.

Sims seems to have found that pursuit in what might seem an unusual profession for a college graduate with a degree in economics – real estate.

“Kicker is kind of a different position,” Sims said. “I feel like a lot of kids come out of college saying they do not consider real estate. A corporate job is the norm, but I have always wanted to do something different. Kicking is a little different and so is real estate. I think it is just the person I am.

“Even though it is not a traditional path, I still want to give it a try.”

It is a road that has been traveled by the Sims family. His parents, Jeff and Cary, are successful realtors in Sims’ hometown of Lynchburg. Dylan has paid close attention to their careers in anticipation of following in their footsteps.

“I have not sold any houses yet, but I shadow my parents when I go home,” he said.

Sims expects to have a teammate with him when he begins his career, His twin brother, Jordan, is also interested in the family business.

“I just got my realtor’s license recently along with my brother,” he said. “We want to start out in residential and hopefully work our way into commercial real estate in Charlotte.”

The future Sims Brothers Realty team has prepared for this moment for years, building a bond that originally developed from a shared love of music.

“Jordan is really good at playing guitar,” Dylan said. “When I was younger, I realized I needed to pick up an instrument to be able to play with him, so I taught myself piano and guitar. He is better than me at guitar, but I am better at piano. Every time we are together, we play music.”

Sims and his brother have enough confidence in their musical skills to post some performances on social media. What viewers do not see is how Sims learned the songs they play.

“I cannot read music yet, so I listen to the song, find the keys and teach myself,” he said.

This unorthodox way of learning an instrument plays into Sims’ narrative of wanting to blaze his own trail in life.

“You are only going to do as well as you make it,” Sims said. “I like that aspect of someone not telling me what to do and being able to figure it out myself.”

Sims tried taking more conventional paths in the past, but often found that he was better suited to trying something different from many of his peers. A couple summers ago, Sims held an internship as a financial representative for a bank, but realized that career path was not for him.

“I want to interact with people instead of just sitting at a desk,” he said. “I want to get out there and talk to people and be a salesman. It’s the kind of person I am. It’s all about the way I present myself and put myself out there. I am always ready to do it and give things a try.”

Do not be surprised to see Sims Brothers Realty signs planted in front yards in the near future.