Nov. 6, 2016

CLARION, Pa. – The Virginia wrestling team opened the season with a strong showing on Sunday (Nov. 6), claiming four championships at the Clarion Open hosted at Tippin Gymnasium by Clarion University.

Freshman Jack Mueller (Dallas, Texas), redshirt freshman Sam Krivus (Greensburg, Pa.), redshirt sophomore Chance McClure (Commerce, Ga.) and redshirt junior Andrew Atkinson (Lynchburg, Va.) all claimed championships in the opening tournament.

Ten other wrestlers placed in the event as 14 of the 21 wrestlers recorded a finish of 7th place or higher. Eight, all freshmen, competed as unattached wrestlers.

“All in all this was a solid start,” said Virginia head coach Steve Garland. “I have been talking a lot about our young guys and I think they showed up well today and backed up why we believe so strongly that the future is bright. We also saw older guys wrestle tough, and so I would say we had consistent results today.

“For me, as a coach, it is gratifying to see our guys execute the things we have been working on in the wrestling room. I have a lot of peace today because of that. Most of all, I continue to grow in my love for this team as people. Spending 12 hours in a bus together you learn a lot about each other. They are a fun group.”

Three wrestlers finished in second with redshirt junior Tyler Askey (Newnan, Ga.) competing at 174 pounds, redshirt junior Drew Hull (Gasport, N.Y.) competing at 165 pounds and senior transfer Chuck Boddy (Abington, Pa.) competing at heavyweight.

Two wrestlers finished third in their weight classes with Louie Hayes (Orland Park, Ill.) dropping his only bout at the hands of teammate and 125-pound champion Mueller. Redshirt freshman Tyler Love (Clifton, Va.) finished third at 197 pounds.

Redshirt freshman Jay Aiello (Chantilly, Va.) finished fourth, falling to teammate Love in his consolation final match as the two battled twice in their bracket, splitting the two matches. Also finishing fourth was freshman Micky Phillippi (Derry, Pa.) at 133 pounds.

Redshirt senior Chris Yankowich (Norristown, Pa.) and redshirt sophomore Will Schany (Blair, Neb.) both finished fifth in their weight classes, while senior transfer Ray Bethea (Trenton, N.J.) finished sixth in his weight class.

Virginia will return to action next weekend, traveling to face a pair of top-20 teams in dual meets. The Cavaliers will face No. 11 Michigan at 7 p.m. on Friday (Nov. 11) before facing No. 18 Central Michigan at 1 p.m. on Sunday (Nov. 13).

Jack Mueller (UVA – Unattached) – Champion
def. K. Stalter (Pitt-Johnstown), Fall, 2:01
def. B. Howard (Clarion), Tech Fall, 16-1 (1:39)
def. L. Hayes (UVA – Unattached), MD, 9-0
def. J. Gromacki (Clarion), Tech Fall, 16-0 (6:24)

Louie Hayes (UVA – Unattached) – Third Place
def. B. Loperfido (Lock Haven), MD, 19-6
def. D. Dickson (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 7-1
lost to J. Mueller (UVA – Unattached), MD, 9-0
def. C. Butler (Clarion – Unattached), Tech Fall, 17-2 (4:24)
def. B. Howard (Clarion), Fall, 1:43

Micky Phillippi (UVA – Unattached) – Fourth Place
def. R. Cooley (Clarion – Unattached), Dec., 7-4
def. L. Williams (Lock Haven – Unattached), Dec., 10-3
lost to T. White (Unrostered), Dec, 6-5 (TB-2)
def. R. Cooley (Clarion – Unattached), MD, 10-0
lost to T. Ortz (Clarion), Dec., 6-5 (TB2)

Sam Krivus (UVA) – Champion

def. S. Caruso (Unrostered), Tech Fall, 24-8 (4:50)
def. C. Decker (Pitt – Unattached), Tech Fall, 16-1 (3:44)
def. M Bartolo (Clarion), Dec., 8-3
def. K. Shoop (Lock Haven), Dec., 10-5

Sam Martino (UVA – Unattached)
lost to M. Bartolo (Clarion), Dec., 4-1
lost to M. Murphy (UVA – Unattached), Dec., 3-2 (TB-2)

Michael Murphy (UVA – Unattached)
lost to C. Falleroni (Pitt-Johnstown), Dec., 6-2
def. S. Martino (UVA – Unattached), Dec., 3-2 (TB-2)
def. N. O’Dor (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 3-1
lost to C. Decker (Pitt – Unattached), Forfeit, SV-a

Chris Yankowich (UVA) – Fifth Place
def. N. O’Dor (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 5-1
def. C. Falleroni (Pitt-Johnstown), MD, 13-4
lost to K. Shoop (Lock Haven), Dec., 3-2
lost to P. Duggan (Lock Haven), Fall, 2:04
def. L. Ortiz (Unrostered), Med. Forfeit

Andrew Atkinson (UVA) – Champion
def. E. Okunas (Clarion – Unattached), Fall, 1:21
def. S. Edwards (Pitt – Johnstown), Tech Fall, 16-0 (3:14)
def. J. Lorea (Edinboro – Unattached), Tech Fall, 16-0 (4:07)
def. B. Heyob (Kent State – Unattached), Fall, 1:50
def. C. Sparkman (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 8-1

Ray Bethea (UVA) – Sixth Place
def. W. Jenkins (WVU – Unattached), MD, 15-4
lost to I. Bast (WVU – Unattached), Dec., 8-6 (sv-1)
def. K. Eason (Edinboro – Unattached), MD, 9-1
def. T. Cahill (Clarion), Dec., 5-3
def. B. Lapha, (Bucknell – Unattached), Dec., 6-1
def. J. Siegrist (Lock Haven), Dec., 5-3
lost to I. Bast (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 6-1
Med. Forfeit to. J. Walker (Kent State – Unattached)

Drew Hull (UVA) – Second Place
def. D. Ridgeway (Mercyhurst North East), Tech Fall, 16-0 (3:41)
def. K. Byland (Kent State – Unattached), MD, 12-3
def. A. Bell (Pitt – Unattached), Forfeit (sv-1)
def. I. Bast (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 5-4
lost to E. Delong (Clarion), Dec., 7-1

M.J. Roberson (UVA)
lost to J. Walker (Kent State – Unattached), Dec. 6-2
def. P. Zacherl (Clarion – Unattached), Dec. 14-7
def. A. Welsh (Pitt-Johnstown – Unattached), Dec., 9-6
lost to C. Wagh (Bucknell – Unattached), Dec., 5-2

Corbin Allen (UVA)
def. R. Bernot (Lock Haven – Unattached), Dec., 6-0
lost to T. Wood (Lock Haven), Dec., 6-3
def. N. Stephani (Bucknell), Dec., 4-1
lost to F. Bisono (Penn State – Unattached), default (2:29)

Tyler Askey (UVA) – Second Place
def. N. Claar (Pitt-Johnstown – Unattached), Tech Fall, 20-4 (5:21)
def. G. Caprio (Lock Haven), Fall, 1:36
def. D. Barreiro (Kent State – Unattached), Tech Fall, 17-0 (5:55)
def. J. Blankenship (Pitt-Johnstown), Med. Forfeit
lost to J. James (Kent State), Dec., 5-4, sv-1

Will Schany (UVA) – Fifth Place
def. C. Stockmaster (Kent State – Unattached), Dec., 5-2
def. D. Dragon (Lock Haven), Dec., 10-3
lost to S. Marmoll (Clarion), Dec., 6-0
lost to S. Mast (Kent State), Dec., 4-1
def. J. Spohn (Kent State – Unattached), Med. Forfeit

Jack Walsh (UVA – Unattached)
lost to L. Niebauer (Pitt-Johnstown), Tech Fall, 17-1 (5:48)
lost to T. Fields (Clarion – Unattached), MD, 12-3

Jay Aiello (UVA – Unattached) – Fourth Place
def. J. Parker (Pitt), Fall, 4:33
def. T. Love (UVA), Dec., 5-3, sv-1
lost to S. Suglio (Kent State), Fall, 6:15
def. D. Phipps (Bucknell), Dec., 4-6
lost to T. Love (UVA), MD, 14-6

Tyler Love (UVA) – Third Place
def. T. Oliver (Pitt-Johnstown), MD, 15-4
lost to J. Aiello (UVA – Unattached), Dec., 5-3, sv-1
def. M Fitzgerald (Pitt-Johnstown), Dec., 8-3
def. L. Chestnut (Pitt), MD, 12-2
def. T. Sponseller (Lock Haven), Med. Forfeit
def. J. Aiello (UVA – Unattached), MD, 14-6

Chance McClure (UVA) – Champion
def. D. Phipps (Bucknell), Dec., 6-3
def. T. Sponseller (Lock Haven), Dec., 5-2
def. S. Suglio (Kent State), Dec., 6-3

Chuck Boddy (UVA) – Second Place
def. N. Shawley (Clarion), Dec., 7-4
def. J. Bojanac (Edinboro – Unattached), Fall, 2:08
def. B. Shumaker (Clarion – Unattached), Dec., 6-3
def. D.J. Sims (Pitt-Johnstown), Med. Forfeit
lost to E. Daley (Clarion), Dec., 3-1, sv-1

Austin Knies (UVA)
lost to B. Emerick (Lock Haven), Dec., 4-0
def. N. Shawley (Clarion), Dec., 9-5
lost to D. Nye (Kent State – Unattached), Fall, 1:26

Robert Scherer (UVA – Unattached)
lost to Z. Schrader (WVU – Unattached), Dec., 6-5
def. J. Yeboah-Gyasi (Pitt – Unattached), Forfeit
def. D.J. Salinas (Penn State – Dubois), Fall, 1:03
lost to B. Shumaker (Clarion – Unattached), Dec., 6-3