May 14, 2017

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CLEMSON, S.C. – No. 11 Virginia won four of five races to claim its eighth consecutive ACC Rowing championship Sunday (May 14) on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

Virginia finished with 96 points followed by Syracuse (83), Notre Dame (73), Duke (65), Louisville (62), Clemson (46), Boston College (28), North Carolina (20) and Miami (19).

The Cavaliers have won 17 of the 18 ACC championship regattas and 68 of the 75 championship races. Tonight’s finals were held on a sunny evening with temperatures in the high 70s.

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Eight, seeded second at the event, turned in a strong performance with a winning time of 6:19.734 to secure the team title. Notre Dame placed second at 6:23.172 and top-seeded Syracuse was third at 6:23.584. “I was as nervous before the Varsity Eight race as I’ve ever been in a long time because I knew the Varsity Eight had to win for us to win the team title,” UVA head coach Kevin Sauer said. “They came through. It’s really exciting, it’s cool. The team really stepped up today. It’s special to be able to win this thing.”

UVA’s Third Varsity Eight started the championship by defeating runner-up Syracuse by over six seconds with a winning time of 6:35.468.

The UVA Second Varsity Four added an outstanding time of 7:07.564 to win its Grand Final race, defeating Syracuse (7:11.707) by more than four seconds.

UVA’s Varsity Four topped Louisville (7:08.027) with a winning time of 7:04.398 for its fifth consecutive ACC Grand Final victory.

Syracuse topped the Cavaliers 6:22.664-6:23.327 in the Second Varsity Eight, snapping UVA’s 21-race winning streak at the ACC Championship dating back to 2013.

Colette Lucas-Conwell (Palo Alto, Calif.), Erin Briggs (Orono, Minn.), Ellen Pate (Lafayette, Calif.) and Georgia Ratcliff (Falls Church, Va.) were named to the All-ACC Rowing first team. Allie Nicholson (Charlottesville, Va.) was a second-team selection.

UVA won four of five heats in morning preliminary action. UVA gained wins in the Varsity Eight (6:40.003), Varsity Four (7:31.771), Second Varsity Four (7:27.444) and Third Varsity Eight (6:46.071). The Cavaliers placed second in the Second Varsity Eight (6:49.963).

The Cavaliers return to action at the NCAA Rowing Championship on May 26-28 in Mercer County Park, N.J. The NCAA DI Rowing Selection Show will air Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00 pm ET on

ACC Coach of the Year – Justin Moore, Syracuse
ACC Crew of the Year – Syracuse Second Varsity Eight
ACC Freshman of the Year – Emily Stinebaugh, Notre Dame

All-ACC Rowing First Team
Coxswain – Colette Lucas-Conwell, Virginia
Georgia Ratcliff, Virginia
Erin Briggs, Virginia
Ellen Pate, Virginia
Lexie Gill, Syracuse
Hallie Taylor, Syracuse
Erin Boxberger, Notre Dame
Katherine Maitland, Duke
Sarah Podwojski, Louisville

All-ACC Rowing Second Team
Coxswain – Rebecca Spraggins, Syracuse
Allie Nicholson, Virginia
Treasa O’Tighearnigh, Notre Dame
Shannon Tierney, Duke
Kirsti Harrison, Louisville
Amelia Shein, Clemson
Taegen Lynch, Miami
Kelly Williams, North Carolina
Caitlin Yaccarino, Boston College

2017 ACC Rowing Championship Results
Sunny, temperatures in the high 70s

First Varsity Eight Petite Final
1. Miami, 6:37.071; 2. Boston College, 6:42.001; 3. North Carolina, 6:44.120

First Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Virginia, 6:19.734; 2. Notre Dame, 6:23.172; 3. Syracuse, 6:23.584; 4. Duke, 6:27.267; 5. Louisville, 6:31.627; 6. Clemson, 6:35.267

Second Varsity Eight Petite Final
1. North Carolina, 6:48.000; 2. Miami, 6:52.260

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Syracuse, 6:22.664; 2. Virginia, 6:23.327; 3. Notre Dame, 6:31.967; 4. Duke, 6:34.283; 5. Clemson, 6:38.000; 6. Louisville, 6:44.033

First Varsity Four, Petite Final
1. Boston College, 7:31.122; 2. North Carolina, 7:37.469; 3. Miami, 7:46.948

First Varsity Four, Grand Final
1. Virginia, 7:04.398; 2. Louisville, 7:08.027; 3. Duke, 7:08.585; 4. Syracuse, 7:13.784; 5. Notre Dame, 7:19.824; 6. Clemson, 7:31.881

Second Varsity Four, Petite Final
1. Boston College, 7:37.299; 2. North Carolina, 8:07.348; 3. Miami, 8:44.591

Second Varsity Four, Grand Final
1. Virginia, 7:07.564; 2. Syracuse, 7:11.707; 3. Louisville, 7:16.440; 4. Duke, 7:21.276; 5. Clemson, 7:26.987; 6. Notre Dame, 7:29.514

Third Varsity Eight, Petite Final
1. Duke, 6:58.599; 2. Boston College, 7:04.398; 3. Miami, 7:19.226

Third Varsity Eight, Grand Final
1. Virginia, 6:35.468; 2. Syracuse, 6:41.931; 3. Louisville, 6:42.851; 4. Notre Dame, 6:44.084; 5. Clemson, 6:53.019; 6: North Carolina, 6:54.604

Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight
Coxswain Colette Lucas-Conwell, Stroke: Allie Nicholson, 7: Anna Fairs, 6: Erin Briggs, 5: Georgia Ratcliff, 4: Jane Hudson, 3: Ellen Pate, 2: Heidi Long, Bow: Alice Darry

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain Izzi Weiss, Stroke: Alex Slabbert, 7: Morgan Rosts, 6: Isabella Strickler, 5: Marijane Brennan, 4: Grace Tuttle, 3: Ellie Stewart, 2: Mackenzie King, Bow: Ali Zwicker

Third Varsity Eight
Coxswain Rachel Dick, Stroke: Georgia Gray, 7: Haley Swanson, 6: Marissa Patrick, 5: Lyndsay Martini, 4: Dana Lueker, 3: Gaby Kulesz, 2: Hannah Watson, Bow: Kameryn Corcoran

Varsity Four
Coxswain Maria Zeris, Stroke: Reilly White, 3: Karen Schulte, 2: Mackenzie Springer, Bow: Toni Wiersma

Second Varsity Four
Coxswain Adi Hendlin, Stroke: Eliza Daniels, 3: Lizzie Trull, 2: Jo Gurman, Bow: Mary Beth Greer