Oct. 15, 2016

By Allegra Zamore

Virginia fullback Connor Wingo-Reeves wants to take his selfless attitude on the football field and turn it into a career.

The fourth-year foreign affairs major is hoping to pursue a job in the government after graduating next May.

“I want to end up doing something in the federal agent realm, whether it is the Secret Service, the FBI or something along those lines,” said Wingo-Reeves. “This is something that I am very interested in and I think it is something I would be good at. I want to help people in any way that I can and I think that this would be a great way to do that.”

His versatility on the field gives him the experience he needs to act quickly and go where he is needed. Whether it is running the ball or protecting quarterback Kurt Benkert, Wingo-Reeves knows that he can tackle whatever comes his way.

“Football in general has helped me learn to organize and balance schedules and my time, but I think playing fullback is physically and mentally demanding, which helps prepare me for the profession of being a federal agent,” said Wingo-Reeves.

The fullback has roomed with Virginia inside linebacker Micah Kiser for the last two years, and the two have become close on and off the field.

“I think Connor will do really well as a federal agent,” Kiser said. “He is a trustworthy guy that would put his life on the line for somebody. He is willing to sacrifice his body and have himself knocked around [on the field] and if he can play fullback then he is tough enough to protect the President.”

Wingo-Reeves has remained close with his fellow fourth-year teammates, including Zach Bradshaw, Brendan Marshall, Jack McDonald, Jack English and Tyler Shirley, over the last four years. Some of them are fellow government majors.

“A lot of us are politics majors and some are government and foreign affairs majors, so we all have similar classes,” Wingo-Reeves said. “There is potential for some of us sticking together after graduating. I want to stay in the Virginia or North Carolina area to stay close to my family because they try to come to as many of my games as they can and are always supportive.”

One class Wingo-Reeves is currently taking is Terrorism and Political Violence, with professor Philip Potter, which has furthered his interest in working for the government.

“It is definitely my favorite class in the major and it has been really interesting so far, and I am looking forward to seeing where the class goes throughout the rest of the semester,” said Wingo-Reeves. “I like getting an understanding of how organizations like that operate and how they think.”

Then there’s the other side of Wingo-Reeves ââ’¬¦ closet country music singer.

“I like to sing in the shower,” he said. “Any country music is my favorite, especially Taylor Swift and some of her old songs.”

“I hear him all the time,” Kiser said. “He always goes in the shower and plays country music. I have been living with him for two years and he is pretty bad. He is definitely not winning The Voice or American Idol anytime soon.”

Kiser points out that despite the repetition, the singing has not improved in the last two years.

From creating strategies on the field or singing in the shower, Wingo-Reeves is working to enjoy his last year as a Cavalier and create opportunities for his future.

“When I was growing up, my grandfather always told me to never quit,” said Wingo-Reeves. “My main thing over the last four years has been to work hard and never give up and I plan to carry that with me as I leave UVA.”

His selfless attitude allows him to put others first and rise to the occasion when it is his turn to step up. With the lessons he has learned on the field and in the classroom while at the University, Wingo-Reeves is determined to continue protecting others.