April 29, 2017

EARLYSVILLE, Va. – No. 3 Texas won three of four races over No. 12 Virginia on Saturday (April 29) on the Rivanna Reservoir in Earlysville, Va.

The Longhorns won the Varsity Eight 6:25.1-6:36.4, Second Varsity Eight 6:42.5-6:45.3 and Second Varsity Four at 7:32.1 over a pair of UVA boats.

Virginia defeated Texas in the Varsity Four 7:27.1-7:31.8. The winning crew consisted of coxswain Maria Zeris (Moorestown, N.J.), stroke Jo Gurman (Weston, Conn.), 3-seat Reilly White (Wyckoff, N.J.), 2-seat Toni Wiersma (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and bow Mackenzie Springer (Fairfax, Va.).

The Virginia A crew (7:46.5) won an intrasquad race over Virginia B (7:48.2) and Virginia C (8:07.3) crews.

“Many thanks to the University of Texas for coming up to race,” Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer said. “Obviously, Coach Dave O’Neill and his staff are doing a very good job across all their boats. I thought we were more competitive this week than last and we look forward to getting faster over the next few weeks.”

UVA honored seniors Marijane Brennan (Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.), Erin Briggs (Orono, Minn.), Kameryn Corcoran (Middletown, Md.), Eliza Daniels (Hingham, Mass.), Taylor Leonard (Arlington, Va.), Dana Lueker (Williamsburg, Va.), Colette Lucas-Conwell (Palo Alto, Calif.), Lyndsay Martini (Falls Church, Va.), Allie Nicholson (Charlottesville, Va.), Ellen Pate (Lafayette, Calif), Georgia Ratcliff (Falls Church, Va.), Karen Schulte (Trout Run, Pa.), Grace Tuttle (Vienna, Va.), Ali Zwicker (Victoria, British Columbia) and Gurman following the regatta.

UVA aims for its eighth consecutive ACC rowing title and 17th overall at the 2017 ACC Rowing Championships on Sunday, May 14 on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

Varsity Eight: 1. Texas, 6:25.1; 2. Virginia 6:36.4
Second Varsity Eight: 1. Texas, 6:42.5; 2. Virginia, 6:45.3
Varsity Four: 1. Virginia, 7:27.1; 2. Texas, 7:31.8
Second Varsity Four: 1. Texas, 7:32.1; 2. Virginia A, 7:40.2; 3. Virginia B, 7:49.4
UVA Intrasquad Race: 1. Virginia A, 7:46.5; 2. Virginia B, 7:48.2; 3. Virginia C, 8:07.3

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight: Coxswain Izzi Weiss, Stroke: Georgia Ratcliff, 7: Erin Briggs, 6: Jane Hudson, 5: Ellen Pate, 4: Heidi Long, 3: Ellie Stewart, 2: Mackenzie King, Bow: Alice Darry

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Colette Lucas-Conwell, Stroke: Allie Nicholson, 7: Anna Fairs, 6: Morgan Rosts, 5: Karen Schulte, 4: Ali Zwicker, 3: Marijane Brennan, 2: Isabella Strickler, Bow: Grace Tuttle

Varsity Four: Coxswain Maria Zeris, Stroke: Jo Gurman, 3: Reilly White, 2: Toni Wiersma, Bow: Mackenzie Springer

Second Varsity Four A: Coxswain Adi Hendlin, Stroke: Lizzie Trull, 3: Haley Swanson, 2: Mary Beth Greer, Bow: Eliza Daniels

Second Varsity Four B: Coxswain Rachel Dick, Stroke: Georgia Gray, 3: Lyndsay Martini, 2: Marissa Patrick, Bow: Gaby Kulesz

UVA A: Coxswain Eva Gobourne, Stroke: Isabel Ott, 3: Kameryn Corcoran, 2: Grace Bentley, Bow: Dana Lueker

UVA B: Coxswain Molly Shields, Stroke: Sophie Pennoyer, 3: Carrie Wentzel, 2: Lauren Poland, Bow: Hannah Watson

UVA C: Coxswain Kathy Tao, Stroke: Sara Cliborne 3: Becca Richardson, 2: Kate Hastings, Bow: Phebe Martin